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Custom Paint Job Disaster! - Part 3

well some guys is that from Texas and welcome to part three of my water-cooling journey as you can see on the table we have quite a few products this time around so we got the case of course the Lindley PC zero nine or oh nine we got the motherboard from part one which we put the CPU block RAM sticks the m2 and of course part two of the video we did the GPU blocks both of these are set and ready to go in case you guys missed those episodes I'll leave them I'll leave the whole playlist linked down below so make sure you guys check it out but anyways out for this episode I guess we're gonna try and put the motherboard I'm gonna try we are going to put the motherboard in the case we're gonna put on the GPU blocks as well and if I'm not dumb enough we can put on the radiators the only problem with this is the fans that were sent to me were I'm just gonna be honest I'm sorry that they're they're ugly as hell these are the fans the static pressure fans that I'm supposed to put on the radiators I mean would you put this in your case I'm just saying if I'm going to do a water-cooled build or any PC on my channel I got to make it stand out that's the that's a signature of tech stores these builds stand out so I reach out to a few companies they're probably gonna send me some LED fans to spice the build up obviously I want some yellow in it this is just black on black it doesn't even look nice so yeah because of that I may not even put the radiators in the case so why don't I will see you will see what happens so the standoffs already on here so I guess we can just place you know what you gotta put the rival shield in first so where is it put the i/o shield on first and goes the motherboard all right so now that the motherboard is finally in the case let's go ahead and put on the screws and tighten them up real quick all right so now that the motherboard is secured these fans have to go now because they are ugly which they are but the other radiator has to go in this place so yeah let's take the support I just realized I forgot to put on my IO shield I guess this can be officially my first mistake looking sexy so after putting on the GPU blocks I kind of stop and just look at the bill for a second and I realized you know what there's not enough yellow in this I mean look at it's only the RAM sticks and of course the tubing as well which I'm gonna be using yellow liquid and then he got the cables so that this majority of his build is black and I got me thinking you know what I'm gonna change some things up a bit which is why I picked up some yellow paint also some other parts came in the mail today got my static pressure fans from thermal tape these are gonna have the yellow LEDs much better than the ugly black fans that I showed you guys earlier and I also ordered a new sli bridge because the one I had before didn't match the didn't fit with the two GPUs because it's a spacing I think I got the single spacing this one's the the two slot spacing so this is going to work a lot better and of course I'm gonna paint that as well so the parts I'm going to paint on here are going to be the PCI brackets I'm also going to be painting the thumbscrews for the CPU block bracket and of course the black bracket itself that is surrounding the block so that's my plan that's what I'll be doing for the rest of this episode let's go ahead and take this apart and go downstairs and start the paint process so got the pci brackets over here the cpu block brackets got the sli bridge cover got some screws for the the back of the GPU which connects these I think this is called the GPU bracket whatever you call it I'm gonna paint those yellow as well then I mention this already the thumb screws for the CPU block as well so everything is good to go grab my paint and go downstairs you guys are gonna crack up on this here is my ghetto paint setup don't judge me so basically I have three boxes covering all sides because it is a bit windy I don't want the wind to blow some dust and some dirt on my paint so and then I added some doggie pads near the bottom of course and then some here at the top I'm actually gonna cover it so there's no I guess dust hitting it from the top guys I'm working with what I have all right so this is what I've been doing for all my paint jobs for all my PC builds so and it's been working fine I have no complaints but anyway so I got the brackets set up on four individual boxes to one each I'm gonna be painting the GPU brackets on here on this specific box and you got the SLI bridge and then the CPU block right over there so I usually do two to three coats I usually wait anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes between each spray the only parts I think I need to paint the surface is the SLI bridge and the CPU block there's no need to paint both sides because you're not you're not going to see the other side anyways so there really is no reason for that you all right so I did my two coats I'm gonna let them dry in here for a little bit it's getting really dark out right now maybe let them drive for an hour before I bring them in and then leave it overnight and then next morning we're gonna flip it over and then paint the other side so definitely happy so far with the way everything turned out the only thing is I think this yellow is a little too dark I think I think I should have gotten more brighter yellow this one's more of a dark yellow but I think you'll still work out I don't know we'll see but look at these beauties they came out perfect so today I'll be flipping them over and of course painting the opposite side by the way it's gonna look weird and the build I think the SLI bridge came out the best there are no uneven spots on here really smooth and you got the GPU brackets or GPU oh yeah cause you can call GPU brackets there's one tiny little spot over here but should it be noticeable you know this is perfect and you got the rest of the oh let's take a look at the screws actually so we're very happy with the way the thumb screws came out as well I thought it'd be okay but it's not and me having OCD problems I can't let this go I just can't I know I'm gonna hate the build if I do complete it so I'll let you guys be the judge so here are the painted parts which by the way came out beautifully no complaints but take a look at the color of this and take a look at the color of the cables and the color of the RAM sticks they're both different types of yellow this was more of a darker pale it's called hot rod yellow and these are more like sunshine yellow according to the the color chart so I'm not happy with this at all it's not gonna match I mean these parts are gonna stick out and then I don't know I mean I don't want to do it I want to continue I mean look at this it's so it's so different like I'm gonna order a different paint and just spray over it I mean that another choice that's my only other option if I want to continue on with this bill which I do and it sucks cuz I've been waiting two days it took me two days to paint these because I had to wait a day for the paint to dry and then do the other side and then wait another day so it's like I want to get this bill done and I feel like I'm dragging this series on so but I wanted to be perfect you guys know me like I'm I try to be perfectionist you know I'm not a perfectionist but I try to be and all that reflects you know my PC build so I want to make sure I put in everything that I can into these builds so like if I can't make it perfect I'm not gonna even bother trying so I just ordered some paint I shall I go to order some paint two days shipping from amazon hopefully once you get that in do the painting again and then we can finally continue on with the build so I mean even a fans let me show you guys I mean the fans are a little simmer I would say if you guys really look at it closely I think it's pretty much the same color as these but the fans aren't the main part about the build you know I mean the LEDs are going to be bright yellow I'm sure but the main thing is are the cables of course and the RAM sticks which really bring out the the color scheme of this build it's not only so much about the fans even though I guess the colors do look similar I don't know I mean I'm not a nobody guys think by the time my pink arrives this video should be uploaded so you guys can let me know in the comments section should I leave this as is and please be honest guys if the difference was minuscule honestly I wouldn't even care but this is this is pretty much night and day so anyway don't wrap this video again I'm really sorry guys I know this is not what you guys expected but you have to understand I'm trying to perfect these things and I just I won't be able to sleep at night knowing that the colors don't match it's I don't know I Roberto CD I don't know what it is it's gonna drive me crazy so I hope you guys understand thank you so much for support a series has been actually the most popular series of the channel so far so I'm glad you guys are liking it and yeah I think that's it hopefully next time I the next video guys are watching it's pretty much all the parts are ready to go I'm not gonna even show you the painting process I'm just gonna get that done with and then we can start putting the rest of the parts together but anyways there's so much I love your faces and I will see you in the next video you
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