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DJI Mavic Pro & Goggles Unboxing + Test Flight (Gift Guide)

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to the unboxing and camera test of the DJI maverick pro and I'm also gonna take a look at the DJI goggles as well and this video is in collaboration with YouTube who was sponsoring this episode for their new channel over at slash unboxed over there you'll find some of the best and latest tech that I've been in boxed for the holiday season in fact you guys will see a bunch of different creators on there from YouTube as well so definitely go check it out if you guys enjoy unboxing videos like mine I'll drop a link to it down below alright so without further ado let's go and unbox these things set them up and I'm gonna take it outside for a quick spin let's go to unbox the Mavic pro first and guys this is actually the fly more combo so it comes with more accessories and again if you guys want to check any of this out I'll drop a link to it down below alright so what the fly more combo you guys actually get some pretty cool accessories you get three flight batteries they also throw in a car charger a battery charging hub quick-release folding propellers they send you a three of them and you also get the battery to power bank adapter as well as a shoulder bag I was gonna slide this out of here pop this right open wow this is actually a really nice shoulder bag and on this side I'm guessing yup it is the Maverick pro itself it's gonna take this out and down here are the two additional batteries so yeah guys this is the Matic pro it literally fits right in my hand this is very portable and it's able to shoot in 4k resolution at 30 FPS which is insane so a snaps out like this and pretty much good to go obviously I'm missing a few propellers I'm gonna hook that up it does come with a battery pack installed already on it and you get also two additional battery packs with the fly mode combo I'm gonna put this aside real quick and take a look at the contents inside the shoulder bag alright so in here you'll find it looks like a set of eight propellers and put this aside and inside the main pouch is pretty much everything else there's a micro USB cable you got the booklets a shoulder strap AC power cable and this is the power brick needed to charge the batteries here is the car charger itself and on this side if I can get it out here it is is the actual remote needed to obviously fly the drone it last but not least we have the charging hub for the battery it looks like you can charge for battery packs at once I think that's how oh that's how you hook it up on here that's actually pretty cool very nice so the remote is actually pretty cool I comes with a built-in lightning cable on the side over here but you can also swap it in for a micro USB if you have an Android device with me I got the iPhone X or iPhone 10 and I'm gonna go ahead and hook this up real quick to the remote basically just slide in the phone to the lightning cable and then clamp it in the middle so it's nice and firm and there you go this is actually the display you're gonna be using to navigate the drone that is pretty sweet the antennas are at the top and you also get an LCD display in the center which showcases the battery percentage of the drone of course and other useful information on there so on a full battery the Maverick will get you around 27 minutes of flight time at speeds of 65 kilometers per hour and I think that's around 40 miles per hour it's got a three axis gimbal built in 4k resolution at 30fps and a 12 megapixel camera so yeah some pretty impressive specs for something so tiny that fits right in your palm truly is incredible probably I'm not gonna turn this on indoors because I might lose a few eyeballs so I want to put this aside real quick and unbox the goggles and I'm gonna sting both of them up together download the app and take it outside for a quick test run I want to see what this is capable of doing outdoors alright let's get this out of here there's the headset itself and down here is the headband and you also get some accessories in here manuals of course and finally be charging power brick now the goggles on the other hand provide an immersive experience giving you a full 360-degree view straight from the drone another cool thing about the headset is actually comes with a touch control on the side over here so when you are using it you can actually navigate through the menu just by touching the side of the headset which is very convenient one of the things I really want to try the Maverick Pro that I've seen everywhere is the tracking on this supposedly it's very accurate and you could set it to follow you from behind you can set it to trace around you as you move I mean you can do some pretty cool things with the Maverick Pro this isn't obviously a review so I'm not gonna go into every single detail but like I said earlier I'll drop a link to a below if you guys want to check this out but yeah let's uh let's go and take this outside and see what it can do hi guys I'm finally out here and I'm gonna be testing out the Maverick Pro all the firmware is updated it's ready to go I'm gonna use the remote control first until I get the hang of things this is my first time flying the drone honestly I just hope I don't crash it and I'm gonna switch over to the goggles right after once I get the hang of things so yeah let's start this thing so yeah I just finished flying the drone and one word pretty freakin awesome multiple where it's pretty freakin awesome I got some dope shots I think at 4k resolution it's very easy to fly guys especially if it's your first time flying a drone you can pick this up very easily and start flying immediately it does offer some beginner tips in the app but the user interface on the entire app honestly it's very easy to follow anybody can easily just pick up like I said and start flying one of the favorite features about the drone was actually the the tracking software you can set it the track me and you can also even set it to trace around me at a certain speed as I'm walking around which is pretty dope and you can get some really nice cinematic shots off of it as far as distance I was able to push it all the way to very close to 400 meters anything after that honestly you start losing connection I don't know if it's my area in particular but the signal strength is very sketchy when it gets past 400 meters anything up to 400 meters you pretty much stuff to go you don't have to worry about that but yeah guys it has a bunch of really cool features on here obviously I can't go over every single one of them in this video it will be a very long video but I'll drop a link to it down below you guys want to check it out as well as these awesome goggles let's put this thing on check it out this is so sick Wow that is awesome I don't even I don't even have to worry about using the camera I can just fly the drone check this out oh this is so trippy damn oh dude this is this is like playing a freaking flight simulator game Wow Wow this is sick okay I'm sold whoa-ho this is awesome what it's so accurate - it's crazy there's a very very slight landscape but you honestly hardly notice it this is so freakin cool but pretty much wraps up this video if you guys enjoyed it feel free to toss a like and if you didn't feel free to dislike as well that's cool - huge thanks to youtube for sponsoring this video for their new channel slash unboxed where you guys can see some pretty cool unboxing videos like mine definitely check it out I'll drop a link to it down below thank you so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video you
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