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D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router Unboxing/Overview

what's up guys Tech source here and today we're gonna check out the new gaming router recently released from d-link so this rod is gonna run you around $1.99 u.s. dollars and it is the first of its kind to offer scream boost technology looking at the back we see that d-link has given a brief explanation on why scream boost is special and there is also a picture showing us the software that this router comes with so on the side of the box we are given a look at the ports on the back of the device and we are also given some more information about this router flipping on to the other side we can see that picture showing us advantages of having screen Boost technology which we will go over soon so this platter also supports the next-generation 11ac Wi-Fi that gives up to 867 megabytes down and for 50 megabytes up this router also has gigabyte cables which offers 10 times faster speeds than traditional Ethernet cables and lastly this router also supports both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands sliding out the box we see that we have some paperwork on top a power cable and an ethernet cord as well as a piece of paper with the router access information on the front of the device we have a power button and an internet connection button and on the back side we have 4 gigabyte lan ethernet ports 1 gigabyte w and ethernet port 1 USB 2.0 port a power switch and your power import now let's talk about stream boost screen boost is a technology that sophisticated leave manages and shapes traffic now the router automatically reserved segments of bandwidth when the application detected by the router does not need it so instead of a more traditional setup where everything connected to the router would get the equal amounts of bandwidth this automatically detects which applications are being used by what device and separates the bandwidth accordingly so for example if your parents are streaming Netflix downstairs and you are watching a YouTube video and your brother is walking off in the bathroom on his smartphone no one will experience lag because the d-link router will make sure everyone gets the right amount of bandwidth needed so that's it for the quick look at the deal in gaming router with screen Boost technology we are currently working on our next giveaway which is the Alienware 18 laptop that just came out remember that only our loyal subscribers will get a chance to win our giveaways basically the ones that watch our other videos as well instead of just watching our giveaways only we want to make sure that we are as fair as possible be because we are aware that we have a little over 15,000 subscribers and we try to make sure that we give away our prizes to people that fully support our channel that means you know people that watch our other non giveaway videos as well so if you're watching this now you are probably one of them stay tuned for our next giveaway coming soon this is the tech source and we'll see you guys next time you
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