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Dbrand Skin for the Nexus 4 (Special Unboxing/Overview)

what's up guys Texas back here with a quick look at a carbon fiber skin for the nexus 4 from the company D brand incorporated alright so this company sells premium skins for almost everything you could think of they got skins for the gaming controller of smartphones tablets and even handheld gaming consoles which is pretty sweet the packaging is very simple as you can see here they include their product inside a see-through sleeve with their company logo on a small banner and these skins start at just 9 bucks and they go up to 25 depending on what device you choose I gotta say that I'm really impressed on the quality of these stickers I'm sure most of you know that I'm a big carbon-fiber sticker fan and I'm currently using the sticker boy skins on my phone but after seeing these I'm definitely going to trash the sticker boy skins that I'm currently using and go with these one of the main reasons that these look and feel so great is because d-brane uses only authentic 3m video on their skins which also means that there is never any adhesive residue left on your device when you do decide to peel it off the cutouts are the most precise in the market measuring down to the last micro millimeter making the device really stand out apart from the rest of the world honestly if there is any accessories to be added to a phone besides the case it would have to be a skin because it completely changes the appearance of a phone and will definitely get you some attention with you guys seen feel free to share some stories in the comment section down below or just tell me what kind of setup do you have on your phone currently and now to demonstrate the waterproof capabilities of the device here is my trusty assistant Bob Bob it's going to test that out real quick it's going to test that in the pool dude what the hell were we unboxing today that was a deep brown skin dude that's not waterproof
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