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DeepCool Booth | CES 2017

so I'm here at the deep cool booth at CES to check out some of the new products in fact I'm actually using some of their parts from my January build so make sure to stick around for that when you're building pcs it's all about finding the best deals out there on the parts to make the most out of your build and speaking of deals I'm going to give a huge shout out to dot tech domains for sponsoring this episode I'm all about tech and the dot tech domain is also great branding for startups enthusiasts vloggers and even companies from the tech industry the biggest example is of course CES tech who migrated to the dot tech extension last year and since then dot tech crossed 300,000 registrations and is still growing today so if you guys want your very own dot tech domain at a great price of 399 for one year or $49.99 for 10 years then visit WWE Tag and use the coupon code listed on the screen so to start of the show and my personal favorite is their quad stellar case similar to the Tri stellar case which I did a build in a few months ago this one has four separate compartments instead of three one for the motherboard power supply graphics card and hard drives it features four tempered glass side panels RGB lighting near the front and quite possibly the coolest feature is their thermal solution that's inside the case basically there are temperature sensors located in each compartment and depending on how hot it gets the front panel either open or closed to get the right amount of airflow what's also cool about this case other than the design is that it supports full ATX motherboards meaning that you have more options to choose from when deciding what build you want to go with it will be available in May 2017 and the price will be slightly cheaper than the Tri stellar if you guys are interested in seeing me build inside this case let me know by hitting that like button it should be an interesting video my other favorite case from the showroom was the baron case liquid tower which has a micro ATX form factor but supports full sized ATX motherboards they were able to achieve this by removing the PSU cover near the bottom and moving that on the other side quite genius if you ask me this case also comes with our new captain 120 X liquid cooling system which by the way is now RGB and there's even a flow meter for an added cool effect the top solid metal handle is nice for carrying around the PC however it is optional and can be taken off by simply removing the screws on the sides this retails for $130 and will be available in April 2017 cases are not the only thing they announced that CES deep cool has officially released their first ever RGB fans to different variations to be exact we have one with an X design and the other is actually frameless DMF 120 GT has an aluminum alloy frame which is detachable for easy cleaning and the fan speed ranges from 500 to 2200 rpm via a PWM connection deep cool did state that these can be used for both air flow and static pressure you can use the provided RGB controller to change the lights on the fans or you can download a very own GS control app via iOS or iPhone and control the lights or effects straight from the app which I thought was really cool it comes in a pack of three and goes for 99 dollars whereas the MF 120s which are the frameless ones cost 10 dollars less they should hit the market in April 2017 as always I got tons more coverage on CES 2017 so make sure you guys hit that subscribe button I'll see you in the next video
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