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DeepCool Limited Edition QuadStellar Case

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and I'm here at the deep cool suite checking out some of their new product launches as well as their awesome limited edition cases so first case I want to talk about which is also my favorite case is the quad stellar electro which is this alien looking ei TX chassis that can be controlled by your smartphone not only can you control the front vents for a better airflow but you can even control all the fans that come pre-installed and the RGB lights as well you can use the app to set certain fan profiles and RGB effects which I find pretty cool the electoral limited edition is very similar to the previous quad stellar that I checked out last year except this limited edition has a new silver and orange color scheme and it also has these awesome a mirrored tempered glass panels and also there's only gonna be 100 of them available in the entire world one of the things I love about the quad stellar is the crazy amount of storage space there is 8 3.5 inch drive bays near the top which can also store SSDs and five additional 2.5 inch SSD trays each compartment also stores a different component we have one for the power supply one for the motherboard storage and even the graphics card speaking of the graphics card the quad stellar comes with a single PCI riser however you can pick up two additional risers for a 3-way SLI configuration as far as cooling it can support a single 120 millimeter fan and the rear and six 120 millimeter fans in the front it can also fit a three sixty millimeter radiator in the front with an additional 240 millimeter radiator on the bottom if you guys are interested in me doing some crazy water cool builds in this bad boy let me know in the comment section down below as I said before it's a limited edition and they will only make 100 of these worldwide making it a little pricier than the original cost this will go for $5.99 while the original will go for 399 and you guys can pick one up late February or early March however the limited edition version will be available in May the next case they introduced was their new arc 90 which is also an electro limited edition which means only 100 units will be produced it's an e ATX chassis which was built with water cooling in mind of the extra space and the mounting options for cooling components the case itself looks pretty awesome aside from the color scheme which I'm not a fan of I like the external transparent water tube with the floor rotor that's built in the front of the case and it's actually integrated with RGB lighting that's connected to the top RGB strip as well and you can control it using the three buttons on the top of the case you guys might be shocked at this next part so the new arc 90 can support up to three full size radiators 360 millimeter in the front and the top an additional two 80 millimeter against the motherboard tray there is something about that mirrored a tempered glass and the minimalistic design that makes this case very attractive even what the unique color scheme it has the original goes for $2.99 while the limited edition goes for $4.99 next up is the captain 240 X RGB CPU cooler which also has the same color scheme as the cases however this time it's not limited edition this version of the 240 X comes with their dual blade fans and it's compatible with AMD's tr4 socket which is used for thread Ripper the 240 X also uses a different radiator which offers better cooling than their previous version and it also comes with RDP lighting this will go for 179 it'll be available in May this year speaking of coolers deep cool has also launched Fry's intere cooler for all AMD sockets a.m. 3 a.m. 4 and even TR 4 it's actually a very stylish air cooler it kind of reminds me of a jet engine with pretty lights and the cooler is built with an all-metal frame and an inverse double bladed fan which is set to offer twice the air pressure for twice the performance this will go for $89 and will be available in April and that about wraps of the video as always let me know which of these products you guys are most excited about in the comments section below also make sure you have notifications enabled so we don't miss out on any CES coverage thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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