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Desk Setup Tour - Bob's Desk July 2014

what is up you guys it's ed from Texas and I thought today is a good day to show you one of our setup toys this is Bob's desk setup and for those of you that don't know who Bob is he is the other half of the tech source team he is the one that finds the products for our channel and it also helps out with the script and if you can't tell already by the setup he went with a black and white theme so without further ado let's start off from the right side so this baby is called a Yeti and for those of you that didn't watch the video we did on it then I strongly recommend you to pause the video and click on this link to watch it now Bob decided to go with a stunning white NZXT H for 40 tower with an Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition motherboard that's running a GeForce GTX 780 Ti if you want a complete list of the parts it will be in the description section down below right below the Yeti is a white drawer he purchased from Ikea which doesn't have too much in it for now but all the extra space is definitely nice for the near future on the right side of the desk are some miscellaneous items going with the white and black build you definitely have to be careful on what you touch because white gets dirty really quickly so keeping some hand sanitizer definitely helps we also have our good friend Walter white and some pens oh I almost forgot about this little guy this is a miniature Android Yeti which he got because his PC is also named Yeti and on the back he decided to keep some of the boxes of his favorite products that he purchased also on the desk he keeps his planner where all the upcoming products are written down also it includes release dates prices and other useful information that we use for the channel for peripherals he uses the Razer products the keyboard is a razer blackwidow ultimate stealth model alongside the Razer DeathAdder Mouse and an extended Corsair Vengeance gaming mouse pad and once again all of these will be listed in the description section if you guys want to check it out instead of using the PCs USB ports Bob purchased an anchor 3.0 USB hub which he uses to connect all of his devices conveniently moving towards the left side of the desk is where he keeps these headphones truly one of the best headphones on this plane the ath m50x s provide amazing sound and comfort with great noise isolation he uses these for gaming watching movies and listening to music while getting work done at the same time when finished with his work he places the headphones on the sign Heiser headphone holder which keeps the overall desk area much cleaner now for the monitors he is walking to Asus PB to 7 AQ 27-inch monitors with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 these become the sweet spot between 1080p and 4k these also have matte coating with an IPS display so you can definitely expect color accuracy last but not least you can't sit and do work without being comfortable which is why he picked up a white leather office chair from flash furniture I honestly think that this brings the entire setup together very clean and elegant and most importantly comfortable anyways that is it for Bob setup tour he and I really interested to hear what you guys think so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below if you guys enjoy the video leave a like and if you think that a setup is horrible then leave a dislike just so we know my ultimate setup tour is coming up next so make sure you guys stick around if you want to see that this is at from tech source and I will see you next time
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