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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Collectors Edition - Unboxing!

what is up you guys adhere from tech source premium an unboxing of the new diablo 3 reaper of souls collector's edition so this is the expansion set for the popular Blizzard game Diablo 3 and it goes for $79.99 and it comes with a bunch of cool stuff that I will go over soon now the price difference between a regular disc and the collector's edition is only 30 bucks which means that there isn't a ton of extra stuff that comes with the game but what that said let's get this unboxed and check out the contents the first item I pulled out is the Reaper of souls soundtrack and it basically has all of the music from the game including the boss battles and cinematic cutscenes all packed onto the disc for your enjoyment that is if you're into that kind of stuff moving right along we have the behind the scenes to the set which you get to see what goes on at Blizzard during the making of the a blow three it's got a bunch of cool stuff like interviews and commentaries and if you're a huge fan of the elbe like me then this should be pretty cool experience next up is the actual game disc itself you can choose to install using the disc of course or you can just download it straight from be net nothing special there they also included a regular sized mousepad which was kind of disappointing I wish it was a bit larger I personally use extra large mouse pads for gaming also the mousepad does not have a smooth cloth surface instead it has that textured hard surface so if you guys don't mind the texture or size then it should work well for you lastly we have the art book featuring all of the artwork that went into this expansion from early sketches to final 3d renders and you get to see it all in this hard book cover what's also cool is that you can bring some of the images of the art book to life with a downloadable reality viewer app using iOS or Android so you can see the actual image in 3d I have yet to try that out but it actually does sound pretty cool as with most games Blizzard always tosses in some free guest passes so you guys can try out there are thousands of games I'm showing you guys the CD keys because I want you to have them I won't be personally using any of these so the first person actually wants them they can have them with that said that concludes the unboxing of the diablo 3 reaper of souls collected addition I will be reviewing the game myself and sharing my thoughts about it in the next video I'm a huge diablo 3 fan and i was extremely disappointed at how they ruined the game for a lot of people so i will be playing expansion and sharing my thoughts on the game but before i start i want to know if there is something you guys want me to cover specifically in the game or not let me know in the comment section down below and i will see you guys next time
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