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Digital Storm Sent Me an $8000 PC - AVENTUM X

what's happening guys that from Zack Soros so this is gonna be an interesting and boxing episode you might be wondering ed why are we in your living room the simple answer is because of this this was delivered from digital storm yesterday on a pallet and it is obviously you can tell it's really huge and it's very heavy I tried to lift it by myself I broke off the tabs there's no way I can move this thing to my car and take it to the office so I thought you know what let's unbox it over here hopefully and wait a lot less after the unboxing and then I could take it to the office benchmark and play games and stuff like that so yeah with that said I think let's just open this box and see what we're dealing with I have no idea what the specs are and I don't know what it looks like so I'm very excited to check it out let's just do this I don't even know how I'm gonna get the pc out of this box to be honest but let's just let's take it one step at a time all right so this is pretty much the bag with the extra accessories I didn't and abusing and the extra cables from the power supply we also got this box over here which I'm guessing or the manuals of course you got the remote for the RGB lights and the power cable so every time you buy a PC from digital storm they include this binder and inside here you'll find well of course your certificate of ownership you gotta have that and then as well as some quick startup guides on how you can connect your PC and stuff and near the back is the CDs which I don't think anybody even uses 2018 who still uses CD drives yeah there's no way I can lift this by myself outside of this box and I'm the only one here so I'm gonna have to figure out a different way to get this thing out of here you know what I have no choice I'm not to destroy this box that was a little anticlimactic yeah I can't really see from that because of the tempered glass panels and it looks like it's an inverted PC because this side is where the components are and this is the backside and I can see some foams in there as well so I'm gonna take this to the office and take a closer look hi guys we're back in the office finally let's open up the side panels and take a closer look inside this is actually the back panel so we'll start off with this side first let me take off these thumb screws I wish the side panel was on a hinge though that way you'll be a lot easier to open up but I'm screws are okay that is the cleanest cable management I have ever seen whoa look at this block over here that's crazy all right guys now it's time for the other side oh I'm so excited let's take a look at this baby and that is why I don't like thumb screws oh I gotta say something on the packaging I don't know if you guys ever shipped a water-cooled system but it is not easy there's a lot of components in there that can bend or crack I'll get loose so the fact that they did such a great job in packaging and they included this foam thing inside which helps keep all the components together look at that it's outlined for the tubing here whoa so here it is ladies and gentlemen the Aventa max water-cooled gaming PC designed from the ground up by digital storm this thing costs eight grand and it's rocking a new 8086 k64 processor 32 gigs of ram from g scale at 3000 megahertz and not one but two geforce gtx ten ATT is in sli using the stock sli bridge so the storage in here is also pretty beefy not only does they have a six terabyte hard drive but it's also using the Intel obtain 960 gigabyte pci based SSD which i'm guessing is what the operating system is installed on i want to talk about the cooling and airflow for a bit because this is some crazy stuff if you guys haven't noticed already take a look down here there is a five sixty five sixty millimeter radiator going across from one side to the other with quad one forty millimeter fans as intake and in the back there was an additional two eighty millimeter radiator and we're not even done yet guys there's another three sixty millimeter red on the top i mean the back of the pc looks just as good as the front thanks to these dope looking fluid distribution blocks and check this out guys there's a custom made power panel above which helps out with the cable management so instead of running the cables through the back and into the power supply you can just connect them to this panel and you're done it makes the system look so much cleaner and it minimizes the clutter of cables in the back another thing i notice is that the tubes in the front actually have a quick disconnect fitting attached to each one of them so if you ever need to remove the motherboard for upgrading parts or maybe you want to clean your system instead of draining the entire system you can just pull these out but anyways I'm done mumbling guys it's actually hook this up turn it on and take it for an actual test drive you all right so we're playing pipe G right now to test out the beast and see how it handles it sadly it does not support SLI so only the top GP was working I think my da here actually let me kill this guy first I'm gonna rush him real quick oh yeah he must be really bad because I suck at pop G and the fact that I can kill somebody means he sucks so yeah as I was saying it doesn't support SLI so only the top GPU is working we are getting around 8590 FPS indoors but for some reason when I go outdoors the FPS goes up a bit okay see now we're getting in the 90s sometimes closer to 100 FPS when we're outdoors so it's fluctuating up and down this is maxed out settings by the way on a 38 40 by 1200 resolution it's a very weird resolution on the Samsung CJ 89 monitor by the way guys both CPU and GPU are overclocked I managed to push the CPU to 5.1 gigahertz at 1.3 15 volts and the GPU I added 125 megahertz on the boost clock for both GPUs VP was hovering around 55 56 degrees consistently at 2012 megahertz what was that guy doing there all he was looting oh my god the luckiest I've ever been what's a barrel am 760 was anything done so yeah guys temp wise it's around 60 to 70 degrees for the CPU fluctuates between that and the GPU is around 55 56 degrees so overall very low temps overclocked by the way and the PC still remains this quiet it's crazy like I can't hear anything like I'll get close to it guys and you can hear it's dead silent that is crazy when you spend this kind of money on a PC you get also that peace of mind all their pcs do come with our standard warranty which is one year parts and three year labor so if anything were to go wrong on a high-end water-cooled PC like this then you're gonna be covered okay so the Aventa max comes with an RGB remote and this controls the RGB strip around the case so if I want to change the color for example the green I just said green and blue you could even select a few modes so here's a pulsating one you got the seizure one oh whoa what is that that looks cool so yeah a bunch of options on there which is pretty cool and very convenient actually now if you want to change the colors on the actual fans and the RAM sticks and the motherboard they need to have to download the courser app and the Asus are a sync if you want to control the LED lights on the components itself all right now let's try csgo this is obviously a less demanding game does support us a lot it looks like because both GPUs are running nicely curious to see how many frames we get though I wonder if there's a cap in this game what's a good gun is the m4 good so max settings at 38 40 by 1200 resolution I'm getting around to 54 to 59 it's going all the way to to 60 fps what does camper I don't know BOTS could camp so yeah over 20 of FPS has to lie both of the GPUs are Jesus how many so both GPUs are at a constant 2012 megahertz it is not dipping at all thank God temps are also still low we're looking at under 50 degrees for the top GPU we're looking at under 50 degrees for the top GPU and around 40 degrees for the bottom GPU CPU were looking at around 70 or or less so overall very low temps again guys they are overclocked to its maximum obviously you don't need me to tell you what performance you can expect from a PC like this eighty eighty six K at 5.1 gigahertz with two 1080 T eyes you'll be able to gain comfortably in 4k resolution without a problem I think this has been the coolest PC that I've unboxed on the channel so far but what do you guys think let me know what your favorite PC is that you've seen on tech source by dropping a comment down below I also want to thank digital storm for sending this out for me to unbox if you guys want to check out the event MX and make your PC stand out from the rest I'll drop a link to it down below now even if this PC is out of your budget digital storm does have on tree-level builds starting at $6.99 I always tell people in the end it's up to you whether you want to buy or build your own PC if you do build your own PC you're gonna have a lot of fun doing it you're gonna gain knowledge from building a PC and you're gonna be saving money at the same time now if you don't want to deal with any of that and you want a professional to build your own PC or have them build something epic like this then you can't go around going with digital storm just know that you will be paying a little more in exchange for peace of mind the system is stress test for you to make sure it's running perfectly and should anything go wrong you will be covered according to your warranty but anyways that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did dropping a simple like would be highly appreciated thank you guys so much for that now it's time for the giveaway the digital storm is actually giving away a PC like this one to one lucky subscriber either in the US or Canada if you guys want to find out how to enter make sure to check out the gleam link down below I will be announcing the winners on my Twitter page I don't know exactly what they that's gonna be you don't have to follow me just make sure to check back on that date so you can see if you want or not I don't know what bait that is but once they tell me I'll go to an update the description section down below so make sure you guys check that out but yeah that's pretty much it again thank you guys so much for watching as always I will see you guys in the next one
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