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Do you have a Girlfriend? Ask Me #3

what's up you guys it's that back again from tech stores and I haven't done one of these in a while and I figured now is a good time to catch up on some of the questions that you guys have been asking me on Twitter so with that said let's go ahead and start the video all right so the first question comes from ma hand and he's asking if you have to choose between black and red which would it be hence it's an interesting question but if I have to choose I would have to go with black just because I think red is just too much I think red works great as an accent instead of an actual standalone color do you have a girlfriend or a wife it's actually funny you posted this question on Twitter because about a month ago I did post a picture of my girlfriend on Twitter and Instagram so it's not really a secret that I'm keeping but if you follow me on Twitter Instagram then yes you would know that I have a girlfriend her name is Brianna I've been with her for about eight months oh yeah that answers your question your inspiration for YouTube and tips for newcomers and your first mobile my spiration if I had to sum it up it would be just one word it would be music more specifically dubstep every time I listen to that type of music ideas start flowing in my mind videos like the PC build cinematic unboxings and even some of the dubstep inbox scenes that I've done in the past all come from that music and that's kind of what I choreograph in my mind as I'm listening to those songs so that's kind of what the inspiration comes with and that's kind of the backbone of tech source as far as tips for newcomers I'm gonna try and keep it as short as possible but I followed the triple C effect which I made up it basically consists of content consistency and quality and I know quality starts with a Q but you guys get the idea content as far as putting out content people want to see if you're starting out you guys probably want to do videos on popular products that way they're easily found on YouTube searches and also for consistency make sure you have a schedule going on make sure your costs in the uploading video whether it's twice a week three times a week or even once a week and also quality make sure you guys are putting out really nice quality you guys don't have to shoot a 4k resolution but at least spend some time filming and editing and voicing over actually recently about two months ago I actually started to take more time in a filming process editing process and even started doing some color grading as well to kind of perfect the overall footage of my videos but yeah those would be my quick tips on newcomers well starting off in YouTube's tough I think that tough is an understatement it was definitely difficult for me starting out YouTube about two and a half years ago especially now I could only imagine how difficult it's going to be because the YouTube community is oversaturated especially and technology content but I it was very difficult for me I even sometimes I lost hope and I wanted to give up and just delete my channel just go back to work and school full time and stuff like that but deep down inside I knew deep down was a passion like I wanted to continue YouTube and I know this is that was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life so that's kind of what kept me going but it's definitely hard to start a tip to give you guys as never give up if that's if this is something you guys truly want to do do you have a job this is it this is what I do full-time I quit my job I quit my full-time job I should say February of this year so 2015 February and I focused my entire time on this YouTube channel so yeah this is basically what I do now for a living what do you do with the products such as phones after you review them something you guys probably don't know is that I actually purchased the phones from my own pocket I never get phones as in review units except the LG g4 but that is the exception because everybody and their mothers got a review unit from LG but most of the phones I actually do buy and I do keep for future comparisons right now I do keep the major flagship so I have like the Nexus 6 the LG g4 dm9 the note 4 the s6 and the Xperia z3 along with my iPhone 6 and I keep those so I can compare them to the newer versions as they come out but let's say after your year once they go obsolete I'll go ahead and sell it how do you go about using these tracks without getting flagged and actually get this question asked a lot but to keep it simple I'm actually part of a network called full screen I'm sure a lot of you guys heard about it and actually a lot of popular tech channels are with full screen and they give me tools to use free music in my videos and free sound effects and stuff like that so it's basically a really nice addition and some of the other videos actually I just looked up look up on YouTube if it says copyright free or no copyright and I basically download it and use them in my videos and most of the time I do give credit but for those of you guys that have a YouTube channel and are interested in checking out full screen I'll go ahead and leave a link down below what size shoe are you well that was an actual shoe I think I'll be 6 - but I think you meant to ask what my shoe sizes and I'm 12 do you lift and at what age did you get into tech no I'm actually off bulking I stopped bulking last year I'm actually in my cut which is kind of why I'm really thin and if you guys have seen my earlier videos sometime last year you probably have seen a huge difference in my body but yeah that's I'm gonna be going back to bulking sometime in August or September and as far as what age I got into tech I got into tech in high school like in the 9th grade that's when the Motorola RAZR came out so I was really excited and that kind of what sparked my interest and technology and I always wanted to get the best every single year so yeah age 15 also what TV shows do you watch you only get one question I'm sorry now I'm just kidding i watch only 3 shows actually right now my favorite of all time is Game of Thrones and then house of cards and then I watch orange is the new black those are currently my top 3 favorite shows what is your current job or a job before YouTube well you guys know my current job is and my job before YouTube was I was a teller at a bank called first bank here in California so anyways that's it for the questions thank you guys for assembling them on Twitter if you guys ask me question and I do answered I'm really sorry I'm trying to keep this video as short as possible but make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram because I'll be doing another one of these in in two or three weeks and you guys can ask me there but anyways a quick update on what's gonna be happening here on tech source the ultimate gaming PC parts have been selected I've announced that on Twitter and I'm gonna start early in the parts sometime this week and early next week so we are on schedule for the release and August also the next few videos I'm working on currently our top three budget laptops around 200 bucks and also the cool tech deals for the month of July because I know you guys have been waiting for that that's gonna be coming out really soon so make sure you guys keep an eye out for that but anyways that's basically it thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next video
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