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Do you pay for all of your tech? AskEd #14

can you rap reppin California Santa Clarita baby let's see what I can do by the way there's a watermark in the soundtrack I apologize my name is Ed and I like to book these things I may not know how to rap but I do have STDs yeah they call me master builder cuz I know what fingers feel if your setup really sucks then here take this - cuz you know you're not worthy of my seal of approval so please stop crying you silly wedding what's guys the semtex source in the year is finally over the time I'm making this video it's actually December 30th it's not quite the New Year's yet but I'll probably launch it after New Year's but I decided to wrap up 2017 with a Q&A and as always I reached out on Twitter and asked you guys to send in your questions tech related or not and here I am answering them so let's begin what's your favorite video you've made in 2017 that one has to be I think the ultimate desk set up a Wolverine Edition and I say that because it took me literally I think four or five months to make that video everything was carefully planned and executed and I think it came out amazingly it's not even a word amazingly but yeah because I needed a channel and you somehow missed that I'll drop a link below check it out for 2018 I plan to do more of that a sick gaming setup in a normal house or a normal gaming setup in a sick house that's an easy one actually a normal gaming setup in a sick house because I'm more into productivity PCs than actually gaming and speaking of sick I'm actually kind of sick you guys can tell I have the flu so I apologize if I sound like a dying giraffe why did why did you start YouTube so I started I believe in May 2013 it's been I can't do math I think over four years now I started as a hobby with my cousin Bob and I didn't think much of it I didn't know you can make money on it until like six months into it so and it just kind of spiraled out of control and became a career as some people do in unboxing videos and at the time I was like oh this is pretty cool I'm gonna do this myself so literally went to Best Buy I think that same weekend we picked up some products who came back and we started according so fast-forward Here I am the best thing that's happened to you in 2017 oh geez a lot of good things happen but if I had to pick one I would have to say buying a home to me personally that is such an accomplishment for someone like me to actually purchase my own home so yeah definitely the best thing that's happened to me are you paying to all your tech slash PC parts or the brands send you to make reviews so starting out obviously it was old me and my wallet I would only go to Best Buy or order stuff from Amazon or just going by parts from Fry's Electronics and build my pcs and do my reviews I think the first like six months to a year of doing YouTube but obviously as a channel progressed brands would come out to me and send products and send parts to do builds and stuff like that so even till today actually I still pay for majority of the parts for my budget builds I reach other sponsors and they send out the parts for that but for budget build yes I would say 99% of those parts are funded by me and of course you got some other videos like let's say my top favorite tech of the month or stuff that you see on my set up those things I would go out and purchase for myself are you planning to do more hardline water-cooled pcs next year funny you asked that actually I'm sure you've noticed the parts in the back that's gonna be going in my personal build and I've actually set us in a few videos I'm going to be focusing on a lot of water-cooled builds specifically hardline bills for 2018 I think I'm kind of over doing air-cooled pcs I feel like it's just it's getting redundant the build a because there's only so much you can do in terms of modifying the PC so I think taking it to the hard-line level a water-cooled level is definitely the next step what got you into PC gaming and how old were you I remember this vividly I was actually in high school I was in tenth grade during lunch break my friend Martin introduced me to this computer room where everybody was playing csgo at the time and this is like the original original csgo everybody would be teaming up they're playing like four or something I was like this is actually really cool and at the time I didn't have a PC and I couldn't afford a PC so every time I'll be so excited to actually go to school and play csgo at lunchtime it sucks that only lasted like 45 minutes per day but I got me two PC gaming and that is why you don't see me with any Mac books if given the opportunity to upgrade to a better supercar Lambo Reventon or tesla roadster 2.0 why okay so I'm guessing you're assuming that I already have the Tesla Model X and of course the hurrican if I had the decision I would obviously upgrade to the Lamborghini Reventon I would definitely be satisfied with the Model X I don't think I need a electric sport car so ya are making more overpriced tech videos yes one of my goals for 2018 bring back the overpriced tech videos because you guys seem to love that new year's resolution uh-huh so my new year's resolution would have to be actually tweeted something about that I'll post a Twitter post somewhere here because when I checked that out so those are my goals I would say that I want to achieve in 2018 what is your main goal in life that's actually a good question I would say my main goal in life would be just to be happy and healthy definitely want to start working out again eating healthy I might want to travel the world just to enjoy life you know as long as I'm healthy and I'm married to the love of my life to share this amazing journey with and I have no complaints and I don't care about anything else life those are the main two things that I care about happiness and health PC Wars yes that is also one of the series that I'm gonna bring back because a lot of you guys missed that as well what games you usually play on your free time what PC do you use so a lot of you guys will probably be shocked at my answer you will either unsubscribe you will dislike the video or you would shake your head in disappointment are you guys ready for this answer okay so the PC I use is the iBUYPOWER snowblind that was sent to me I think a few months ago but as you guys can see I'm currently planning on a custom water-cooled build videos are coming up I promise you guys I don't know how to say this the games I play on my PC either pop G overwatch or fortnight but the game I play the most I would say 99% of the time is actually on my smartphone I'm just gonna show you my battery life so you guys can believe me all right so that is legit my battery life for the last seven days if you guys look at the top its mobile legends bang bang you would think person building pcs for a living what game on his PC but 99% of time I play on mobile legends because the fact is I can take this with me anywhere I want and I can play anywhere I want its addicting its competitive I play ranked that's it that's all I got what's your favorite aspect of being a youtuber so my favorite thing about being a youtuber honestly is you work for yourself but if I was gonna be specific I would say sleeping in I love the fact that I can sleep in and wake up and work whenever I want that's that has been the best thing ever since I've started doing youtube full-time there's nothing else nothing in this world that tops that I don't care about any of the free tech I don't care about the sponsored deals the fact is I can get my 10 to 12 hours sleep every single day I'm the happiest person ever by the way sorry I thank you so much for that cool banner you sent me yeah this guy actually made a custom banner for the channel and for my Twitter account contact him if you guys want any graphic design work pretty cool when was your favorite PC build of 2017 and why that is a good question I actually never put too much thought into it Lamy late let me take a look at my builds and figure out so yeah it looks like it was Jack the Ripper that's interesting I guess I didn't do that many interesting builds for 2017 that's gonna change by the way for 2018 for sure definitely different than the other cases I've worked with before I think that's one of the reasons why it was so fun how should you distribute money when building a PC what part should you spend big on and not it really does come down to your preference now if you're just building a gaming PC obviously it's gonna be powered mostly by your graphics card so I would spend a little bit more on the GPU but if you're looking for a Productivity PC and you need something that's more CPU intensive then I would spend some more money on the processor itself if you can't I would prefer to get an unlock the processor so you can overclock it the third thing on the list should be the motherboard if you're gonna be overclocking obviously you should spend a little bit more and get a solid and reliable motherboard to handle the overclocking on your CPU everything else really just comes down to your preference do you want RGB in your case do you want glowing Ram sticks you want a cool looking case basically aesthetic things so to summarize a question if your gaming spend more money on the GPU if you're doing productivity and you're not going to be using a GPU acceleration I would spend more money on the CPU I know that there's a lot of programs out there that don't support GPU acceleration so they rely ninety-nine percent of the time on the CPU police are looking for a new office again or are you fully satisfied with the place you've got in your house that's a good question Benny I actually told everyone I was gonna get an office for this year but that never worked out because I kind of got busy with a new home and just planning things and stuff like that so and I've been recording it here but honestly I'm not satisfied because I'm so limited to the amount of projects I can do in this small space believe it or not these rooms are so tiny guys I could barely fit this table and the stuff on it so I definitely want to plan and focus on getting an office for 2018 and hire some additional help because this is not gonna cut it I have so many amazing projects that I want to do and I just simply can't because of this space I'm very limited can you give us a house tour this question always pops up everywhere and I promise you guys I will give you a house tour I'm just waiting for everything to be completed with the helm right now they're working on the backyard and they're gonna finish that sometime in February or but expect the house tour definitely early next year that's gonna happen can we pay you to build our PC so that depends on where you live of course for shipping and the budget of the PC and I do a lot of builds for subscribers on the side and actually feature them on the channel so if you guys are interested you guys can send me an email we can talk and I pretty much wraps up all the questions I'm sorry if I didn't answer your question you guys literally sent me over 500 questions so I had to pick and choose most of these I've actually even answered in my previous episodes if you guys want to check those out I'll leave a link to the playlist below this one wasn't as entertaining and fun as my previous ones because I kind of wanted to be a little serious and answer some of the questions that keep coming up instead of dodging that like I usually do but anyways I'm gonna go and get some rest I hope you guys are having an amazing 2018 thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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