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Draco 6 Plus Aluminum Bumper Review

so a few weeks ago I reviewed the awesome Ventura six case for the iphone 6 plus from Drago design since it picked up lots of attention I decided to review its brother the Drago six plus aluminum bumper which is an entirely different case but with some similarities keep in mind that these types of cases are for people who prefer aesthetics over protection the bumper is made out of pure aircraft grade aluminum and features a gorgeous curvy design with chamfered edges inside the case you will find rubber pads on all four corners that act as shock absorbers which will offer some protection in the case that the phone is dropped the case comes in several other color options like silver champagne and gray as well but I had to go with the red one to match my color scheme the Ventura six case which is on the bottom has flat size for a better grip and two separated volume buttons whereas the dracco six case has a chamfered edge and a single volume button cover another difference between the two was that the Drago six case has a silver finish all around the case whereas the event air six only has the silver portion on the left and right sides other than that the design itself is fairly similar you have the same style cutouts on the bottom for the headphone charging port and speakers both of the cases are stunning no doubt the Panther 6 case on the left has a more curvy design whereas it's more subtle on the Drago 6 by the way I picked up these awesome carbon fiber skins from the brands that I'll go ahead and leave a link down below if you guys want to check them out another difference between both cases is that the Jaco 6 is slightly more raised than the event air 6 which is more flush same goes for the backside and one of the things that bothered me on the event air 6 is that the approach shooting camera was still an issue however since the case is slightly raised on the Drago 6 that solves the issue completely the bumpers do offer some protection it's not all about aesthetics in fact I dropped my phone once already from waist height and it protected my phone to be honest I was more concerned about damaging the case than my actual phone I'm not gonna lie though both cases are pricey coming in a little under 100 bucks but in this case you are paying for quality and it's a lot better than premium case companies that's for sure installation is easy just remove both of the tiny screws located on the bottom of the case and remove the bottom frame then insert the vibrate switch in the cutout and slide in the phone gently but make sure that the phone is on vibrate before you do this once the phone is all the way in put the bottom frame in and install both of the screws I'm not entirely sure why you decided to go with the chamfered edges since it doesn't offer a good grip compared to a more natural flat design it's still a lot better than slippery curved sides on the iPhone 6 in terms of comfort I think that the Ventura six has a more natural feel in the hand but I really like the dracco six design more the volume buttons are really responsive and comfortable to press and the vibrate switch is actually a lot easier to switch on and off since it's sticking out a little more the cutouts on the other hand are big enough even for third-party accessories which is a relief since I use my beats earphones at the gym along with other third-party chargers after using both of these cases for quite some time my new permanent case is going to be the Drago 6 case I just like the design a lot more than the Ventura 6 and it solves the camera protruding problem which is a big deal to me since I lay my phone on flat surfaces a lot so that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did let me know by leaving a like on the video and if you didn't feel free to dislike and let me know if this is something you guys would drop a hundred bucks on by leaving a comment down below but anyways thanks again for watching this is it from tech source I will see you guys in the next video you
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