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EPIC Giveaway of 3 Gaming PC's By Candid

what's up guys is that from Texas and in this video I'm only going over a really cool anonymous app which lets you basically voice your opinions without any backlash or judgment if I can summarize it is basically a really cool and clean version of reddit and I've actually teamed up with the creator's to give you guys three five hundred dollar gaming PC's to three separate winners but more info on that later in this video so this is candid and what this app really does is connect you with people who have the same interest as you whether that be tech or some really weird stuff can it pretty much has it all the first step to get started is by downloading the app which is available on Android and iOS then you can launch the application and select your age group and choose your interests the tech category for example has well over 20,000 members who actively voice their opinion on the latest devices such as the galaxy note 7 recall incident or Apple removing the headphone jack on the iphone 7 you can also ask questions and recommendations from other users some of the posts I found were asking for headphones and a certain price budget or PC cases and even though it was one dude who wanted ideas and how to destroy his iPhone on these posts you can then choose a variety of actions such as like or dislike share and even comment the feed is split up between new friends posts and hot which is basically the trending topics I've actually created our own texturas group page so feel free to join and three random people will be selected to win a five-hundred-dollar gaming PC so basically to enter to win one of the five hundred dollar gaming PC's all you have to do is join the group and post a picture of your pc setup or your desk setup it's pretty much that simple and also be hanging around on the group and answering your questions and also be taking a look at your setups as well by the way you don't have to have a PC it could be your cell phone setup it could be your tablet set up it could be your laptop setup it could even be your gaming setup for your console so you don't have to have a PC to enter this giveaway in the text horse candidate group you will definitely find other people with similar interests as you and it's a great place to ask for advice or drop a video topic suggestion the key to have fun in this app is to really be active in other communities and maybe even make your own the app also allows you to add anonymous friends which sounds weird at first but in practice makes the app a lot more interesting remember all the posts are completely anonymous and under a random screen name so you can get personal and express your opinion without any worries ever since I started making this video Canada's actually become one of my daily apps that I use alongside Twitter Instagram and of course the YouTube app so if you guys joined the textos group you will see me posting on there occasionally obviously you can tell which posts are mine because of the stuff that I put on there but I pretty much does it for this video as always I'll drop a link to the app down below it's completely free make sure you guys download and try it out I think you guys will love it especially if you like something like Twitter or imgur and stuff like that also leave links to the giveaway information in case you guys want to check that out as well I'll announce the winners on my twitter account sometime in late September more information on my twitter account that's basically it you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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