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EVGA GTX 1080 FTW - Review + Benchmarks!

what's up guys it's ad from tech source and I finally got my hands on the new EVGA GTX 1080 for the win graphics card it features EVGA s new HDX 3.0 cooling system a custom PCB with a dual BIOS switch and RGB LEDs as well as a factory overclock it's also going to cost you twenty dollars less than the founders edition coming in at six hundred eighty dollars the GTX 1084 to win is actually e BGA's current top and model with the classified and few other models still to come it also currently has the highest clock speeds and EVGA s lineup it comes out of the box with a base clock of 1721 megahertz in a boost clock of 1860 a seven percent increase from the founders Edition the memory however is untouched and remains at ten gigahertz effective the card also features a 10 plus to power phase compared to five on the reference a two gigabytes of gddr5 X memory with a 256 bit interface and a TDP of 215 watts which is 35 more than the founders Edition and with that you get an extra eight pin PCI connector for a total of two the additional Headroom and voltage supply should theoretically help the card when it comes to overclocking which we will see later in this video for i/o you get the same ports you would expect from the founders Edition dueling DVI one HDMI 2.0 B and three DisplayPort 1.4 and finally let's take a look at the overall design of the card to be honest at first glance I wasn't a fan of the honeycomb mesh style faceplate with EVGA logos everywhere and I mean pretty much every angle of the card but after spending a few days with it it kind of grew on me the only minor design flaw I noticed was the EVGA logo off to the side once the card is installed inside the PC tower the lungo will appear upside down but in most cases that angle won't be visible anyways due to the hard drive cages but I figured I would still point that out other than that the card looks very sexy EVG has opted for a fairly neutral black and silver color scheme which will work well with pretty much any build they've also implemented RGB LEDs which lights up the logo and the card name in the front as well as a faceplate of the card you can adjust the color and give it a cycling effect using EVGA precision X overclocking software huge props to EVGA for adding this awesome feature and I would definitely love to see this on the other cards as well people love to keep the color scheme in their builds consistent I know I do and having a GPU that features RGB LEDs is always a plus one in my book currently the FCW and classified versions are the only ones with RGB lighting whereas a superclocked and regular a CX 3.0 have only white LEDs instead the backplate however very nice I think out of all the graphics cards I have ever used EVGA has always been my favorite in terms of default backplate design there are also some cutouts for ventilation which will help the heat escape to the top of the case I mean the build quality of the card is top-notch and it doesn't look like EVGA cut any corners here the new HDX 3.0 cooler design takes advantage of its enormous size with huge 100 millimeter fans and these use double ball bearings which EVGA claims lasts up to four times as long as traditional sleeve bearing fans in terms of temps this card stays fairly cool and quiet considering it comes factory overclocked for idle it would stay at a constant 44 degrees and doing full load I couldn't get it past 76 the fans also switch off completely in idle and low power situations to stay more quiet and save energy in fact there's a quick noise sample during idle and full load all right so enough of this jibber-jabber how does it perform for benchmarks I'm using a testbed that's rockin a 59 30 K at 4.5 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of g.skill RAM hooked up to the Asus x99 Strix motherboard and a be quite dark rock pro 3 CPU cooler now I'm going to shut up and let you guys enjoy the benchmark so there you have it the fortuyn card did shows a noticeable increase in FPS across the board compared to the stock founders edition however when it came to overclocking I didn't have much luck only boosting the base clock by a measly seventy-five megahertz bringing my boost clock up to nineteen thirty five and sometimes spiking past 2k I've also managed to bring the memory up by another four hundred for a total of 10.8 gigahertz effective not the best overclock I've had on a GPU but still better than nothing especially considering that the card comes heavily overclocked so you don't really have that much Headroom to work with in conclusion the FTW Edition is a beast of a card it's well made aesthetically pleasing extremely quiet and comes with the RGB LED feature at this point it doesn't make sense spending an extra $20 on a Founders Edition where you can get a much better looking card that offers more performance however if you don't care much about the custom PCB dual BIOS feature or even the customizable RGB LEDs and the super clock version is the one you need to check out instead it's clocked slightly lower than the FTW but it also costs $30 less it also consumes less power and comes with a single 8 pin PCI connector and whichever card you choose you're definitely getting what you pay for anyways that pretty much wraps up my review of the EVGA gtx 1080 for the win edition if you guys enjoy the video make sure to leave a like and make sure you subscribe to the channel because I have a buttload of gtx 1080 and 1070 card reviews coming up in the next few days and next few weeks as well then guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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