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EZO - iPhone and Android 2 in 1 Retractable Charging Cable (4K)

what is up you guys Bob back again with Texas and in this video we are gonna be taking a look at a cool cable from easy all power I found on Amazon now I usually don't get excited off of cables but when I saw this I definitely had it pick it up if you're a user like me that has multiple devices that have a lightning port as well as devices that are micro USB ports you know it can be a pain carrying multiple wires around or having multiple wires at your desk or in your car to charge those devices this wire seems to be a legitimate solution to that problem as you can easily change between multiple ports something else I really like about this cable is that it is retractable being retractable makes traveling with this cable super easy and convenient eliminating all the tangles that would happen if you just had a bunch of cables lying around obviously being a third party cable durability is always a concern but when comparing this wire to apples official lightning cable you can see that it is just as thick and durable one thing to note here is that you cannot charge two devices at once with this cable but it is still a space saver that I am personally going to be throwing in my car and using instead of having a separate micro USB and lightning cable there will be a link to this product in the description section if you are interested in buying it if you like this video be sure to leave a like but anyways this is Bob from tech source and I'll see you in the next video
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