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Ed's EPIC Desk Setup Tour - Jan 2015

so yeah the intro may have been a bit unnecessary but I like to add some spice to my videos as you can already tell hey guys it's Edie and welcome to my desk tour a lot of you have been requesting this video and the office tour but I thought that I would at least get this video out and you guys can expect the full office tour early 2015 so this is my work area this is where I am 90% of the time editing responding to comments on my videos and essentially running text source everything I show in this video will be listed in the description section in the order that they appear so it's easy for you guys to find them okay so first and foremost I have to start by showing off my baby big red this is what's powering tech source at the moment my custom-painted ultimate gaming PC which we did a video on if you somehow missed it then you are definitely missing out I will also leave links to the videos of the products that you see on here as well so I won't go too much into the PC since I already covered that in my previous videos but it is a custom PC I built a few months back with custom painted parts as you can see here connected to the USB port on the top of big red is the linear flux hyper charger which is hands-down my most favorite charger that I use every single day it charges my phone super fast and recharges itself fast as well not to mention how thin it is making it really convenient carrying it around in my wallet so why my desk we have a few things one of my daily drivers the iPhone 6 wrapped in the amazing vessel wood series case and the vivid power bank I keep the power bank on my desk at all times to juice up my phones and other peripherals since it does have both a micro USB cable and a USB port not to mention 13,000 milliamps of goodness also on the desk is my second daily driver the Xperia z3 I've always been a fan of the Xperia lineup and Sony has impressed me with their new iteration and I can't wait to see their newer model of the Xperia series coming in January also the stand holding the phone up is the anchor multi-angle portable stand now most of you guys know that my favorite color combo is red and black if it isn't already from this death store so going with a Microsoft Sidewinder X was a no-brainer for me not only are the keys really soft and quiet but they do light up in red as well which is a huge plus for my mouse I went with the corsair raptor and 45 and so far I have no complaints oh and I really liked the red LED backlit of the Corsair brand also from Corsair I had the gaming mm 200 extended edition gaming mouse mat which was a great purchase I think it really brings the desk together well and it's extremely wide why don't have to rest a pair of eight ehm 50 X's which to me are the best pair of headphones that I have purchased for that price point also on my desk is the MPM box speaker and I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the best speaker that I have ever used I did do a video on this as well which I will leave a link down below but if you guys are in the market for an affordable Bluetooth speaker you have to at least check this out because it's not only the loudest but it has the most clear and crisp audio I have ever heard from a portable speaker most of the stuff I own I actually do a video on if it isn't good enough for me it isn't good enough for you guys and that's what it comes down to when I decide to do a video on a product so how do I record my audio in fact the auto you are hearing now is reported with the focusrite scarlett Studio USB audio interface the package comes with a condenser microphone and the audio interface itself it did come with headphones but I did replace them with my Audio Technica as well because there are a lot better the idea that gets produced is really impressive for this price point although I do modify the recording slightly using the software audacity which improves the overall sound quality on the top of the audio interface I have attached the popular transcend SD card reader making my job so much easier when I have to transfer the files from my camera to my PC it's also connected via USB 3.0 making the file transfer super fast and convenient now let's talk about the monitors I have two samsung 28 inch 4k monitors and I've compared these to the Asus model and decided that the Samsung ones are a much better fit for me in terms of design color and overall quality all the extra space is definitely nice especially when editing I multitask like a mofo and I can use all the pixels I can get speaking of editing I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 as my main editing software something I'd like to keep on my desk also are my business cards I did show a sneak peek of this on my Instagram already but I did order these specifically for CES 2015 as I will be handing out a bunch of them and I'm really happy with the way they turned out so the desk I'm using that's holding up everything is called vertex which is short for vertical desk and it's an electric adjustable desk which I have also done a video on quite possibly the coolest desk on this planet it's 72 inches in width and 30 inches in depth which is one of the reasons I love this table so much it has a lot of space to work on and oh yeah you can adjust the height whenever you want people kept asking me what kind of desk I was using in a big red video and in fact I have two vertex one for my setup and one for filming which I'm sure you guys have noticed in case you haven't noticed the table isn't facing a wall I purposely faced it towards my office which means that cable management won't be as easy however I did manage to do a good job wiring the cables under the desk and through this omnimount cable management cloth to clean things up a bit I also routed the PC wires through this and out the bottom into my balcony our outlet I gotta say I did a pretty good job on cable management for my desk that's not facing a wall so last but not least the most important piece of equipment that ties everything together is my chair yes it matches my theme but I didn't get it just because of that it's also one of the most comfortable chairs that I've ever sat on I really like the headrest and being six to there just aren't many tall chairs out there for me so I'm extremely happy with this purchase again you can find all the links to the products and videos of the products in a description section down below well there you have it now you know what my desk looks like if you enjoy the video please hit that like button if you didn't feel free to hit the dislike and drop a comment down below letting me know why I really want to hear your opinion though so please feel free to share anything that's on your mind in the comments section as well because I always read the comments on all my videos anyways thanks so much for watching this is that from tech Soares and I'll catch you guys in the next video you
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