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Electronics Gift Guide - Gaming Gear

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome back to another electronics gift guide right here on tech source Amazon azano he sponsored this video but they also reached out and hand-picked me for their holiday support so all the products featured in this video were handpicked by me I chose these gifts because they would make a great gift for any gamer out there whether it's for your kids friends or even relatives so with that said let's kick off the video by looking at the HTC vive I have been addicted to virtual reality for the past few weeks and instead of making youtube videos I've been playing on this thing instead the HTC vive is a VR system that fully immerses you into a 3d world instead of playing a typical game with a controller or keyboard you essentially become a part of the game with realistic movement and actions from precise headset tracking and directional audio it really does feel like you're in a completely different world the HTC vive is powered by a PC or a gaming laptop that's played through the steam app which is free to download and the best part about the vibe is that you can download free games from Steam they have hundreds of games in their library however you're gonna have to pay a little bit to play some of the best video games out there I strongly recommend trying out sunshine Arizona and Sirius Sam if you're just getting into VR the HTC vive package comes with the headset and two controllers with a pair of earbuds but I strongly recommend buying the deluxe audio strap along with it because they provide better audio and they give you a 360-degree realistic sound experience the ear cups are also much more comfortable than these standard earphones this is one of the more pricier gifts on the list but I assure you whoever you buy it for will absolutely love it and most likely get addicted to it so you are warned next up on my list is the popular Corsair k70 luxe RGB keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches so this is a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with a 10 key that comes with a detachable wrist rest it's built really well with the aluminum frame and the matte coating on the keys a mechanical keyboard is the preferred choice for competitive gamers out there because of the responsiveness unlike membrane keys which register a keystroke when fully pressed down a mechanical key registers at a shorter distance which means you get a much quicker response time because the key cap doesn't have to be fully pressed down the K 70 luxe comes with a scroll wheel for the volume followed by the media controls underneath and it also comes with a pass-through in case you want to connect your mouse or headset through the keyboard and into your PC with the corsair q software you are able to fully customize the RGB lights on the keyboard and sync them with other corsair peripherals that you might own speaking of Corsair peripherals my next pick in this gaming list is the coarser void pearl gaming headset with dolby 7.1 surround sound the ear cups are made out of both mesh and memory foam and they are large enough to fit around the ear they do a decent job when it comes to noise isolation but don't expect it to completely block out all outside noise the headset has more of a relaxed and comfortable fit so that gamers can wear it during long sessions the microphone isn't half bad either it's very flexible and the sound quality is good I don't recommend it for voiceovers but for in-game communication it gets the job done the Void pros are compatible with the ps4 Xbox one and PC and it also comes with an optional USB adapter the Void pros have always been one of my all-time favorite gaming headsets out there and I strongly recommend them for any gamer out there last but not least we got one of the most part Gaming mice out there the Razer DeathAdder elite this is an RGB optical gaming mouse with a 16,000 dpi sensor the simple ergonomic design and accuracy is what makes this mouse a popular choice for most gamers out there the mouse wheel up top is very tactile and below that are the two buttons to cycle quickly through the DPI settings the two side buttons are very easy to reach and I think that Razer did an awesome job at designing this mouse for comfort one of the things I really like about this mouse is the feedback you get when pressing the buttons that reassures you that you have actuated the switch beneath it you can also use the Razer software to change the colors of the mouse wheel and the Razer logo which is pretty cool if you're looking to upgrade to a very comfortable gaming mice with super fast response times and RGB lighting then the Death Adder elite is definitely something I recommend putting on your list you guys can find everything mentioned in this video on the Amazon gift guide which is an awesome place for people to find holiday picks for their loved ones the Amazon gift guide section will give you some awesome ideas for the upcoming holidays and I'll drop a link to it down below and also consider subscribing because I do have a lot more gift guides coming up and as always thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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