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Electronics Gift Guide - New Releases

what's up guys it's Adam tech source and if you're dreading the holidays because you either hate shopping or don't know what gift to buy someone then you came to the right place in this video we're gonna take a look at some new releases while the next episode we're gonna focus mostly on gaming here so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss out Amazon actually partnered with me and sponsored this video but the items in here or handpicked by me so kicking off the episode we got the ultimate Pro streamer bundle from blue which makes some of the best audio gear out there this bundle is perfect for gamers because it comes with the blackout yeti microphone and the Mophie headphones you also get two cables a 1.2 meter cable with built-in controls and a microphone for Apple devices and a standard three meter cable you also get a quarter inch adapter and a 3.5 millimeter airplane jack adapter the microphone is a USB plug in play and it comes with a stand that lets you adjust the angle however you can also mount it on a boom arm which is what I recommend simply for convenience this is a really tall microphone so if you place it directly in front of you it's gonna block your monitor depending on how high your display is with a boom arm you can actually have it on the side of the desk and bring it in whenever you need to use it the Yeti has a volume knob in the front for the headphones as well as a button to mute the microphone on the back is where you will find the knob for the gain which will increase the volume of the microphone input and below that as the pattern selection you can basically set which direction for the microphone to pick up noise from here's what it sounds like so the audio is very clear however it does pick up some background noise so keep that in mind if you are screaming in a very loud environment the noise that you are about to hear is the fan noise from my computer the headphones that it comes with are awesome so these are closed back headphones with very comfortable ear cups that go over your ear it's excellent for noise isolation as well but the coolest feature about these headphones is the built-in amplifier it comes pre-loaded with three audio profiles which you adjust using the knob near the 3.5 millimeter jack unfortunately the amplifier does use battery and it's expected to last around 12 hours on a full charge but one thing I love about these headphones is that they actually turn off once you take it off your head which saves battery life in the long run this is a brilliant feature that I want to see more in battery powered headphones the cushions are really soft and there's a wheel next to the headband that lets you select the tension of the clamp you can basically tighten it all the way for maximum noise isolation or keep them loose to allow some background noise to leak in in case your mom is yelling at you that dinner is ready overall this is the perfect bundle for gamers streamers and especially content creators whether you're doing voiceovers for your YouTube channel or maybe you just want to upgrade your gaming gear if you buy this set for your kids or relative or even your parents they're gonna absolutely love it I think that this would make the awesome gift and if your parents don't watch youtube videos then you might want to share with them just to you know give them some ideas for the upcoming holidays next up on the list is the new Bose Soundlink micro bluetooth speaker although the battery life isn't the best giving you up to 6 hours of music this tiny speaker offers incredible audio clarity and a rich deep bass between the power and the Bluetooth button up top you will find an indicator light which will display how much battery life is left and the cool thing about it is it would actually vocally tell you how much battery is left or once you turn it on 70% connected to Ed's iPhone the middle button is a play and pause button however if you double tap it it will skip the track as well the Soundlink micro also comes with a microphone allowing you to take calls and it comes with a built-in strap near the back making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for on-the-go you can strap it to your bike backpack or anything similar this is the ideal gift for anyone who loves listening to music and especially someone who loves the outdoors the person who likes to camp and hike the included clip on this really makes the sound Lake micro the perfect portable bluetooth speaker the final piece of tech on the list is actually my favorite believe it or not and it is the oral-b pro 7500 so this is an electric rechargeable toothbrush that comes with a travel case and three brushes this is actually the perfect gift for your parents or older siblings that still use an outdated brush or anyone that you know that stuck back in 1999 still using the hand brushes it's time for an upgrade okay so the reason why it's my favorite item in this video is because I've been using the oral-b 7000 for the past six months which is the previous version of this toothbrush so now I actually get an upgrade that I'm excited about these 7500 is lighter and lasts longer I was able to brush twice a day for a whole week long without charging it the 7500 also comes with five different modes with an LED indicator in the front displaying which one you selected overall I would say that the tech has been definitely improved from the previous version and it's available in white and black and it will make the perfect gift for anyone dental hygiene is very important but sadly a lot of people disregard it you guys can find everything mentioned in this video on the Amazon gift guide which is an awesome place for people to find holiday picks for their loved ones so if you guys are struggling on what to buy someone during the holiday season then you should definitely check out the Amazon gift guide section to give you guys some ideas I'll drop a link to it down below and also be sure to say subscribe to the channel because I got a lot of more gift guides coming up as well as my top picks in the next few episodes thank you so much for watching and again huge things for Amazon for reaching out and sponsoring this video I'll see you guys in the next one
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