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Element Custom Sector 5 Case for iPhone 5S - Unboxing + Overview!

what's up guys Texas here and today I'm going to unbox a custom iPhone 5s case from the company element case this is the sector 5 model and you can buy the original one that comes in either silver grey or gunmetal for one thirty nine ninety five or you can even customize your own starting at the same price the case comes in this neat grey colored box and once you open them you will find the case resting on top I decided to go with the black ultra suede for the back plate they also have nine of the colors that you can choose from as you can see here I went with the red power button and I'll explain my choices really soon next up you will find a speed wrench tool and this is used to remove the screws for installation purposes element is also kind enough to send two spare screws in case you end up losing originals as well as a spare for one corner insert in this plastic sleeve you will find two color trash cards for all sides of the phone one in silver and one in black of course they are optional and if you choose to install them just follow instructions listed on this piece of paper in this other plastic sleeve you will find a microfiber cleaning cloth to help wipe off any unnecessary fingerprints so you can install this screen shield there is also a small squeegee board to help with air bubbles after the shield installation lastly on the bottom is a piece of paper that explains how to install the element case on your iPhone and also a small brochure showing a wide array of element case products I did leave a link to the website in the description below for those of you that are interested they carry cases for the samsung galaxy s3 and s4 the iPad iPad Mini along with all generations of the iPhone all element cases are made and assembled in USA so you know you're getting a quality build case the sector 5 is CNC machine using aerospace grade materials which means the cutouts are very precise the aluminum material also feels really nice in your hand when you're holding it it does not feel unpleasant at all then it makes it very simple to slide in and out of your pockets what's even great about this case is that element included small ultra suede pieces on all the inner walls of the case as well as in the corners and even one for the power button to protect the phone from being scratched by the case the case does look insanely good by itself but let's see how a look after its installed on the iPhone 5s but there you have it my customized sector 5 case for the iPhone 5s you can pick one up for your phone for melanin case comm you can customize pretty much any part of this case from the side rails to the power button screws corner inserts and even the back plate if you guys liked this video please hit the like button feel free to leave any feedback about the case in the comment section down below I'm not done yet with customizing my iPhone if you guys want to see what I'm going to do with it next as well as being notified on our giveaways coming really soon make sure you subscribe this is the tech source and we'll see you guys next time
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