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ExoVault Nickel Zircote Wooden Case for iPhone 5 Review + Giveaway!

what's up guys Tech source back here with another unboxing slash giveaway today we are looking at a popular iPhone 5 case from EXO vault this is the EXO vault nickles ERCOT composite and it goes for around 2:30 so their products come inside this neatly packed wooden case with a clear slidable cover on top inside they include a business card with some support information and they also provides you with a screwdriver for installation along with two spare screws so this case is made out of a strong phenolic resin composite core and POW Farrell veneer which is capped on the ends with impact resistant nickel plated aluminum material you can also see the precise cutouts on all four sides of the case here for an easy access to all of your buttons and ports and we'll go and take a closer look at this once I install the phone the installation of this case is really easy so I'm gonna fast forward or quick you just remove all four screws on each corner remove the cover insert your phone and then replace the cover and put back all four screws so this is no ordinary case EXO vault is one of the very few case companies that provide low volume products and what that means is they take the utmost care and crafting each one of their cases which are machined and finished by hand in Brooklyn and I completely agree when they say that mass-produced products lose their individuality and integrity in order to appeal to a wide and bland demographic there are hundreds of case companies that mass-produced in the cases really just become another number so here is what the phone looks like after installing the case and you can really see how accurate the side cutouts are giving you plenty of room to access all of your buttons with ease a lot of companies struggle with this and it's nice to see that extra vaulting compromise their case designs with accessibility and you can also add skins to your phones like I did here in the video to make your phone stand out even more so this case is available on their website EXO Volcom and they carry a wide variety of iPhone 4 and 5 cases in different materials such as aluminum brass composite titanium and wood so definitely check them out if you are interested and even if you don't have an iphone these cases make great gifts so overall I think this is a great case it's lightweight easy to slide in and out of your pocket and the most important factor to me when it comes to cases is the accessibility of the buttons and I think that they did a phenomenal job on that alright so that concludes today's unboxing if you guys want a chance to win this amazing case all you have to do is subscribe comment like this video and like the post about this video on EXO vaults Facebook page which I will put in a description below I will announce the winner on July 20th so once again guys thank you for watching this is the tech source and I'll see you guys next time
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