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FINALLY Building Myself A Beast Water Cooled PC - EP 28

this video is sponsored by WD what's up guys - zafón taxes and welcome to another episode of what's in the box I know it's been a while but I am back and with a very special episode because after three years it's finally time it is finally time to build my very own custom PC I've been waiting for this day for a very long time I've been waiting for certain parts to get released and then I've been working with other brands to set in parts so everything is finally coming together this is actually the MVP of this episode which I'm gonna unbox at the end anyways with that said let's go open up some boxes I'm gonna whup start off with this box over here alright guys seriously all right so if you guys remembered I think a few episodes ago on setup wars I saw this really cool dragon statue on someone's setup and they were using it as a headphone stand and I reached out to the guy and a bunch of you guys actually linked me that exact same dragon statue in the comment section so I put in the order but that company no longer makes that is actually discontinued so the medieval times website whatever said that they have different options available this was one of the two options they sent me that looks kind of similar so I think personally it looks even better but I can't wait to show you guys I was looking for a dragon prop for my desk for the longest time I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones and even though this has nothing to do with Game of Thrones series I think it looks cool and I can use it as a headphone stand so ladies and gentlemen let me open this tape first oh that looks sick oh yes yes yes yes it even has some red on there guys this looks freaking bad azz Wow personally I think this looks better than the old black dragon head statue the detail on this is insane so yeah no affiliation to Game of Thrones whatsoever but I've always wanted a dragon prop on my desk and I think this is the one guys let's test it out though let me bring this set of headphones and see if it actually works alright so these are my custom painted Sennheiser HD 800 s which I did a video on if you guys wanna check it out in my favorite tech of 2017 this was on it but let's check it out see if it actually works by the way guys this is not a headphone stand it's just a dragon statue but oh my god that looks pretty sick I'm gonna die haha oh wow definitely one of the best investments so far wrapping up 2017 yeah holy crap it's not a perfect fit but hell it holds the headphones that is enough for me this thing I think cost around 50 bucks if you guys want to check it out I'll just link below it's not sponsored it's not affiliated I purchased my own money here's a screenshot of the receipt but yeah very excited the the detail on this thing guys honestly is incredible and God dang evil looks freaking awesome all right moving on contain the excitement that contain the excitement it's just a dragon statue alright I finally unbox some PC parts oh yes okay wow so we got some items in here alright so starting off the MVP of the build believe it or not it's gonna be the storage I'm only gonna put in the best of the best I'm not gonna be using any hard drives for my main boot device it's gonna be an MDOT two and I'm also gonna hook up two of these bad boys and raid 0 this is the WD blue 2 terabyte SSD I do have another two terabyte on the way so I'm gonna be combining these two together for a 4 terabyte raid 0 configuration for some crazy speeds and I do have an MDOT - a 1 terabyte MDOT to drive as well for the operating system I always tell people that are building pcs for the long run to always throw in an SSD in there especially using one as their main boot device because they offer some incredible speeds this one in particular from Western Digital offers up to 560 megabytes per second read and 530 megabytes per second write a huge thanks to WD for hooking me up with this SSD adding a second one of these to a raid zero configuration that only increases the capacity up to 4 terabytes but also gives you faster speeds than this so I'm very very excited about that ultimately I want a clean build which is why I'm going with two SSDs instead of adding additional hard drives less cables to work with which means cable management's gonna be a lot easier and you get a much cleaner looking build but yeah if you guys are looking into building a PC I do recommend picking up one of these bad boys if you want to increase the boot time of your PC the transfer speeds as well as loading times for games applications a bunch of things because I want to check this out on top a link below and I think that Western Digital is actually sending an extra one for a giveaway so if you guys want to fire it if you guys want to participate to win one of these all you have to do is leave a like and leave a comment below letting me know what is your favorite product in this video that I unboxed do not mention anything about the giveaway I will randomly select one person and send over a two terabyte WD blue SSD announcements will be on my Twitter I'm moving on to the storage g.skill was kind enough to send me over 64 gigs let me let me let me repeat that 64 gigs of DDR for RAM this is clocked at 34 66 megahertz guys let's just let's just unbox this Oh glorious RAM sticks baby these are the tried and Z or GB RAM sticks by the way some interesting packaging i've never actually seen the RAM sticks come in this packaging before maybe if you order 64 gigs or more it's just how it comes but interestingly enough each of these sticks are eight gigs and you know what I am just realizing that I might not have this many slots on my motherboard this this may be a mistake I think I only have four slots which means I can fit only 32 gig gigs around no the only way I can achieve 64 gigs is if I order 16 gig RAM sticks even if I put in 32 gigs I mean that's gonna be plenty for what I'm gonna be using the PC for moving on to the finale of the episode this giant and heavy box from ek all right yes okay there's way too many things in the air so I'm gonna get everything out of the box and I'll show you guys everything that's inside Jesus how much more is in here mother of god I've never seen so many water cooling parts so anyways yeah these are all the water cooling parts that are gonna be going inside my tiny micro ATX build huge huge thanks to ek for hooking me up with this honestly I am ecstatic for those of you I don't know ek is the best when it comes to water cooling got some nickel plexi water blocks for two EVGA 1080p I so you guys already can tell them going with an SLI build got two back plates for a 1080 TI and of course we got some radiators I don't think I've ordered this many I don't know why they sent me this much so I've got two 240 millimeter radiators I've got a single 360 and what on earth is this a triple 360 obviously I can only fit two in the case that I'm using so I think they send me some extra ones I'm not sure why this is the premix I'll be going with which is the blood-red cryo fuel this is going to be a white and red filled with some black accents but majority the build is gonna be white got some hardline tubing's because this is gonna be a hard-line build of course got some sexy white fittings also so yeah lots and lots of water cooling parts I promise you guys in 2018 that I'm gonna be doing a lot more water cool builds and this is the beginning of my I'm gonna be starting the first ever build of 2018 doing my personal PC so anyways let me show you guys actual parts that are gonna be going inside my PC so these are the parts that are going inside my PC and you guys might be wondering ed why the hell do you have an AI oh if you're going water-cooling well here's the thing I'm actually gonna do an air-cooled version first make sure everything is working on the PC I'm gonna be testing temps gaming benchmarks and overclocking and then I'm going to take that apart and then convert it into a fully custom water-cooled PC and the reason why I'm doing that is because I want to compare the difference between an air-cooled PC and a water-cooled PC using the same parts I want to see how much performance do you really get converting from an air-cooled rig into a water-cooled rig so I'll be testing difference in temperatures testing the difference in gaming benchmarks as well as overclocking capabilities and of course it's more content for you guys because that means that there's gonna be two time-lapse videos but anyways that's the idea behind it so obviously I'll be putting in the deep cool captain 360 e^x cooler one of my favorite coolers out there and this is upside down I just realized I'm a huge fan of deep cool products as well so I wished out to them and I sent over 360 e x cooler and this actually fits the color scheme as well so that's pretty cool so the ramp situation I have here is this is the motherboard I'm gonna be going with the X 299 micro and I think this has only four slots if I'm not mistaken okay yeah this has only four dimm slots so unfortunately I'm gonna go with 32 gigs of ram I say only as if it's such a low amount oh yeah 33 gigs I do heavy editing guys on my PC obviously I use it for editing YouTube videos which is why I always want more RAM but I'm gonna settle for 32 gigs for now I forgot that coarser sent me two of these these are their new of engines or GB RAM sticks which honestly I think looks better than the g.skill Ram so total over here is 32 gigs of ram 32 hundred megahertz but I want to ask you guys your opinion let me know which ramps that you guys want me to use in the either the g.skill or coursers vengeance or GB RAM sticks let me know by leaving your comments below I'm kind of leaning towards the Corsair 1 but I want to hear your feedback guys power supply I'm using is the coarser h1000 I thought I requested the i version but this will do just fine of course I'm going with 1080 TI SLI I was thinking about going with to Titan XPS but I don't know just kind of decided to stick with 1080 eyes for some reason even though I'm not gonna even use this much power anyways the CP I'm going with is the 79 80 XE which is an 18 core processor currently it's not with me because I sent it over to the guys at gamers Nexus so they can be live at the processor for me so currently that's what I'm waiting on I already got the case it's downstairs ready to go so once I get that back in guys I'm gonna begin my build so that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you're excited for my personal water-cooled PC make sure to slap the crap out of that like button everything as see in this video will be linked down below as always I love your faces and I'll see you in the next video
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