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Fancy Hotel In Canada - VLOG #8

so Saturday I just got my passport in the mail the dream set apart in Canada starts at 7 p.m. and right now it's 12:30 too so I'm waiting on the go with the sponsors see if you can get me a ticket and a flight to Canada before the party starts let's see what happens just got confirmation from LG we're going to Canada baby so we got 30 minutes to pack before we rush to the airport I'm gonna be packing lightly only other things they need LG laptop some clothes power bank wall charger of course I gotta take my 50 X's got out some deodorant and body spray I've had our two just in case I get bored on the flight and lastly this wireless mouse I picked up for like 5 bucks alright so finish packing mom is waiting on Brianne to finish her pampering and then we're gonna call it uber go to the airport and then the fun begins it's actually my first time flying out of the country actually that's not true first time I flew to the u.s. from Moscow Russia was when I was like 2 or 3 so I don't really remember a trip this is actually my first wheel flight that I'm actually excited uber drivers here still waiting on Brianne she always does this we've got our boarding pass at security now we're waiting at the lounging area I guess and so our flight gets called in right now we got about 40 minutes before our flight 32 bucks for two burgers two cokes and a cup of french fries Airport food Meeta too dramatic about a digit code hello looks pretty sweet there's a freakin TV in the mirror that looks pretty badass I'm not gonna lie Thank You LG for hooking this up just go back from the dream set a party LG definitely knows how to throw a party chatter you guys awesome job we went downstairs afterwards to the bar at the Fairmont Fairmont Hotel had a few extra drinks I'm not gonna lie I'm a little tipsy now go back at the hotel I'm gonna chill and then get on our flight tomorrow morning at one o'clock our flights out one o'clock so I'm gonna book it go back to California such a short trip but definitely worth it I'll see you guys in the morning it's 1054 on a Sunday morning so it's time to check out and head back home hello turkey now yes yes chicken teriyaki is here fishing Jim Ida tuna for Marty tells not able up her friend not to farm these functions pleaser divided I saw back at the headquarters as you can see as past 12 hours has definitely been the craziest from getting my passport the last minute and an LG rushing me to the dream set a party it's been just it's been a crazy experience for sure Kara was awesome definitely want to go back there during the summer and really explore the place because I haven't had really a chance to step outside the hotel but from what I've seen it's a beautiful country and I cannot wait to go back I'm sorry I didn't get any footage of the dream set a party the sony mark 4 i've been using to record my vlogs actually died as soon as we got to the hotel so that's why i didn't bring it with me to the party but lewis was there austin dom from mac mixing and the Linus crews there too really an awesome party huge thanks to LG for bringing me out there you guys are the best anyways I'm gonna go ahead and end this vlog thank you guys so much for watching I know this is probably the longest vlog I've done just because I I cramped up the entire two days into one vlog but anyways guys so much for watching again if you guys enjoyed use mention it that like button and I'm gonna get back to work I'll see you guys in the next video
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