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Filip Sold the setup from Setup Makeover

so last Saturday I was thinking I would a bunch of friends I was having a really great time and I get a comment on my Instagram page saying that Phillip is selling his setup you know first I thought I was a troll but more comments came in more tweets more emails saying hey ed you gotta check this up so sure enough I opened it up and it was true here is a screenshot of the post if you guys want to check that out and those of you by the way those of you that don't know I launched a series called setup makeover on the channel recently you guys can check that out and the purpose of that series is to help people in need someone who desperately needs a new setup and I would go over to their house and I would completely redo their setup from the ground up and you desk you monitor new PC keyboard mouse although the whole nine yards okay louder holy smokes what dude that's insane I've never even seen anything like this crazy one word I can use to describe what I've been feeling this past few days has to be betrayal obviously there was a lot of feelings going through but that would be to sum it all up I think that's the main feeling I've been going through is betrayal even till now I do want to think that Phillip is a really good guy still and he's just in a very crappy situation so anyways once I found that I texted him I'm like do you know what's going on with this is this for real are you really selling it and I'll post a screenshot of all the text between him and I you guys can go through that if you want but the gist of it is he's selling it because he is in debt my first reaction was honestly I was confused at first if he was in so much debt invited this is something he's been struggling with for a while this hasn't happened during the five-month span of setup makeover this is this has been something he's been struggling with more than five months now so I guess my question to him and I know he's watching this is if you've been struggling with death all this time and you had intentions of selling this setup in the first place why didn't you let me know in the first place because clearly I would have not done this I would not have picked the person I would have not picked Phillip and I would have given it to someone else who was way more deserving I spent almost five months planning the series I spent a lot of time building it and I spent a lot of money this is a big investment for me and to find out that you would just turn around and sell it after a few weeks it's just really it's it makes me sad you know it's kind of disappointing and it doesn't make me motivated to continue the series because here I am thought I thought I was doing something good and then it just kind of I guess lapped back in the face that's pretty much what it feels like so in the text he was actually saying that he was drowning in debt and I'm like you live in a pretty big house you know I'm not saying obviously it's your house it's your parents house your dad's a cop your mom has a job as well I mean they're obviously pretty financially stable if they're able to maintain a home like that it's a beautiful home by the way I'm sure you guys have seen the video you know what I'm talking about and in the text he was saying well they don't care that he drowns in debt parents in general you know if they love their son or their daughter that they would jump in and help them financially if they really need it they shouldn't resort to selling stuff in order to make it work and selling a set up something that you know the person won as a prize and has a lot of meaning behind it has a lot of meaning to me and all my subscribers watching and it's just it's really it's really upsetting that there's like thousands of other people in the world it would have done anything for something like that and here it is being you know sold I mean how'd I know you were gonna sell it I would enough spend extra time making that plaque for you I wouldn't spend extra time making those 3d printed stormtrooper risers for your desk I wouldn't have spent all that extra time and those small little details to make a perfect setup for you if you're just gonna turn around and sell the monitor and the computer I don't know what else you're selling maybe you'll probably sold the plaque already but it's just it's really just really disappointing honestly if anything this entire experience has taught me so much for sure the application process is going to be reworked because a lot of people can lie on the interview a lot of people can lie on the questions as we can see in Philips situation so I'm gonna be doing something a little different something a little more serious I'm gonna be doing interviews in person I'll be checking out the person's house but basically things like that to ensure 100% that this next person really does need a new setup I want to do I want to make the same mistake I did with Philip I think really the biggest thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that he was so adamant about all I can't wait to game on it I can't wait to give my laptop to my fiance and I mean although that was BS essentially he said what he needed to say in order to to win the competition there was no intentions of gaming there was no intentions of given as the laptop to the fiance or letting his brother play or use it for schoolwork all that was lies pretty much so I think that's what really kind of sits kind of a stab in the back you know when I finished putting together the entire set up as a joke I was laughing well now it's your setup dude you auction it off on ebay you can sell everything and we're all laughing cuz you know it was obviously a joke why would you sell something that has meaning it has purpose especially the plaque you know the whole custom work I mean it was specifically made for him and in the text he was saying well you know you told me I can sell it I was like boy yeah I was I was joking I just honestly didn't think you would go ahead and sell it so I just I don't know why he's using that as an excuse to you know sell his setup if that was the case why would I do this in the first place right that's the whole reason as that's the whole purpose of setup makeover is to make a setup for someone who deserves it who needs a setup not who needs a set up to sell it for money who's actually going to use the setup but yeah just wanted to throw that out there there is one thing I do want to say before I wrap up this video and it's there is one part that Philip said which I do agree with which I believe he's telling the truth and that is part of his text where he said that his parents don't care if he drowns in debt and the reason why I say that is because when we're locked up in his room for like six to eight hours working on a setup not once did his family member come inside to see if we're doing okay they didn't offer water they're not for any snacks any food we were basically on our own and we would hear them eating basically in the dining room right next door so I'm like it's interesting like why haven't they come I mean it's it's fine I'm not like complaining or anything but I just thought that was pretty odd I don't know how some cultures are here in America but for Middle Eastern countries it's common courtesy it's actually like it's manners to go to your guests and ask them how they're doing if they want water or snack it's just it's just the gesture you know it's the principle that really matters so we actually have to take a break after four or five hours gonna get our own food and then come back so I just thought that was pretty bizarre that they didn't you know there was no hospitality at all it's like oh you made the setup okay thanks bye you know see you later so that was kind of disappointing to see but that's why I believe when Philip says that these parents don't care if he drowns him death but anyways I'm not trying to say what he did was right I'm still saying that's pretty messed up so yeah I think that's pretty much it I don't really know the purpose of this video other than let you guys know what happened I feel like you guys have every single right to know what happened over the weekend that is not right I apologize for everyone else who wasn't selected I really wish I can go back in time and pick a different person but unfortunately it is what it is I just have to own up learn from the mistake and move on get better and then move on but anyways we're currently planning on a season two guys we're very excited to bring that to you and start planning and doing an application process so make sure you stick around for that and yeah thank you guys so much for the support seriously thank you for sending me the emails the screenshots all that because if it wasn't for that I would have never found that about this so I love you guys so much thank you for your support and I'll see you in the next video
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