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GTX 1050 Ti Benchmarks | Updated

what's up guys it's a from Texas and I'm making this video to correct some things on my previous video which was the gtx 950 TI benchmarks so it has come to my attention that the RX 470 numbers are incorrect even when I was benchmarking the car like five times and even swapped pcs to do it I still got the same result so even though it looked ridiculous to me I had to do my due diligence and I had to post the numbers because that is what was represented to me at the time but after spending the entire day literally spent ten hours trying to figure out what the problem was I finally realized that I didn't do a clean sweep of the drivers and that was what was affecting the benchmarks for the RX 470 which was weird because it didn't affect the RX 460 only the 470 and both of them are AMD cards but I don't know guys I've been losing my mind this entire day trying to figure out what the problem was I almost jumped out of the window with my testbed in my hand but the funny thing is this actually never happened to me I never cleaned the drivers before I did benchmarks so this really never affected me before but now that it has I will definitely take precautions for all future benchmarks there will be no more inaccuracies on tech source and I will make sure that but anyways guys I'm done rambling sorta waste your time I wanted to make this video because I hate putting out inaccurate information so hopefully this video with justify and give you guys the correct results that you were looking for here are the real benchmarks and finally taking a look at the performance per dollar once again we can see that the GTX 1050 Ti is actually not the best value out of the four in fact the GTX 1063 gigabyte variant gives you more bang for your buck so I hope you guys enjoyed this quick adjustment style video thank you guys so much for your support I've been reading all the comments thank you so much for bringing that to my attention I assure you this will never happen again thank you for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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