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GTX 1080 TI Benchmarks + Overclocking Results

what's up guys is that some text Doris and I have with me and videos latest GPU the GT x 1080 ty yes it's pronounced I not CI apparently and in this video going to be comparing it to the GTX eternity and the Titan X test Cal we're going to take a look at gaming benchmarks and 2k and 4k resolution overclocked performance and frames per dollar to figure out which card offers the best value for the money so 1080 ty ships with 3584 cuda cores and comes clocked out of the box at 14 80 megahertz space and 1580 to boost which they are claiming is 47 percent faster than the previous generation gtx 980ti Hort I should say they're calling it the best Thai ever with a 35 percent performance improvement over the preceding high-end GeForce GTX lineup that's the same TDP as their last generation 980ti coming in at 250 watts and only uses an 8 + 6 pin PCI connector to power up the card is available now for purchase and it's going to cost you $6.99 for the founders addition while board partner versions will get released sometime in April so there are a few changes coming from the GTX 1080 aside from appearance which pretty much looks identical the tie comes with an improved cooler that engineers have designed a new high airflow thermal solution that provides two times the airflow area of the GTX 1080 but in order to accomplish this they had to remove the DVI connector in the back instead that area where the DVI connector once was is used to provide a larger exhaust for hot air to be expelled from the GPU the 1080 Ty's power subsystem has also been enhanced they have incorporated a 7 phase 2x dual fed power design essentially what this means is that the GPU gets supplied with even more power and less power is wasted as heat which ultimately provides higher GPU boost clock and overclocking with less heat and noise speaking of heat let's take a look at the temp does it look like there was much improvement when comparing it to their Titan APEC's unfortunately I didn't have a sound addition 1080 on hand so I had to test it against the EVGA 1080 FTW instead and it looks like the 1080 ty is cooler during idle and warm or during full load by the way to test but I'm using for benchmarking has the 1600 K overclock to 4.4 gigahertz 16 gigs of ram and the Asus x99 Strix gaming motherboard here are the benchmarks so looks like paternity tie pretty much outperform the Titan X in most of the games I tested in 4k resolution and we even saw some bottle making and quad HD resolution you need to say if you're picking up a 1080 tie or Titan X for that matter you shouldn't be gaming anything on there 2k resolution let's talk overclocking I was honestly expecting a bit more from the 1080 ty they actually stated that the card offers a lot of headroom for overclocking and they saw boost clocks hit speeds of 2000 megahertz but i saw higher numbers from the titan x and EVGA 1080 I mean the memory clock managed to hit almost 6,000 on the 1080 ty which is pretty impressive but I guess I didn't win the silicon lottery for boost clocks when it came to my 1080 ty however I did manage to kick some ass in benchmarks being performance increases as high as 9 fps in 4k resolution that translates to a 6% FPS increase and 4k from both the 1080 and 1080 ty whereas a Titan X gets a nice 9% boost in fps not bad but again not very impressive looking at the total frames we can see that the 1080 ty barely outperformed the Titan X and games set to 2k resolution whereas the gap is much wider when it came to 4k the 1080 ty is 21% faster than the 1080 and 4k resolution and 3.5 faster than the Titan X but what car gives you the best bang for your buck well what current prices both 1080s give you the best value you only paying 98 cents per frame when it comes to 4k gaming the timex is currently overpriced I mean the 1088 I not only costs almost half the price but also out performance by three and a half percent even in sookay resolution the Titan Dex is overpriced for what it offers the choices here are obvious if you don't have any of these cars and are looking to buy one and already have a 4k monitor then the 1080 ty is what you're looking for keep in mind that it's overkill buying the 1080 ty if you're not going to be playing in at least 2 K resolution so if you're stuck with a 1080p monitor I would either grab a 10 60 or a 10-7 to be honest 4k monitors start at $300 so you're looking around $1,000 investment if you're going to make this switch if you already own a GPX 1080 and want the extra 20% increase in fps and 4k gaming and don't mind paying an extra $700 then I say go for it why not you can always tell your 1080 to try and break even so that is it for my video on the 1080 ties you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave any like and I mean what your thoughts are in the comment section down below I guess gonna pick one up or you'll be waiting for Vega this is that some tech source and I'll see you in the next one
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