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GTX 1080 vs GTX 980 TI - Gaming Benchmarks

what's up guys let's add back at it again with another GPU comparison so this time going to be comparing the GTX 1080 against the EVGA gtx 980ti there will be plenty more GPU comparisons with the GTX 1080 so make sure you guys are subscribed their channel so you don't miss out so the GTX 1080 founders edition goes for $6.99 and features a 1607 megahertz base clock which can be boosted up to 17 33 megahertz and the gtx 980ti currently goes for 620 which will most likely get a price cut soon and it features a base clock of 1102 megahertz and a boost clock of 1190 both of the cards also featured three display ports one HDMI and a DVI the 980ti has a dual link DVI port while the 1080 only has a digital DVI port let's jump straight into the benchmark starting off with fire strike as you can see the GTX 1080 beats the 980ti across the board in regular extreme and even ultra benchmarks by a solid amount moving to heaven 4.0 we can see that the 1080 gets an average frame rate of 150 7.9 whereas the 980ti scored only 91 point 4 that's almost 75% more FPS and 1080p bumping up the pixel count to 4k we see a difference of 12 fps similar results were found on the Metro last light benchmark with the 1080 nearly doubling the score of the 980ti in lower resolutions whereas in 4k there was only a 5 FPS difference in GTA 5 the results weren't that drastic the 1080 did push more frames in the 980ti but only by 14 mostly due to the game being more CPU intensive rather than GPU and finally we have the rise of the Tomb Raider the GTX 1080 got an average frame rate of 48 point six and the gtx 980ti scored 41 point two so seems like there's more of a difference and lower resolution gameplay and a much less difference as the quality gets higher so in conclusion should you buy the GTX 1080 well it depends on what resolution you are playing for 4k gaming the extra 5 or 10 frames just doesn't justify spending an extra $700 however if you're still gaming in 1080p and I coming from the gtx970 the 980 or even a 980ti that i would say yes there is definitely a noticeable difference in performance on the opposite side of the spectrum there is still the gtx 1070 card so instead of grabbing your wallet and tossing your money at the 1080 honestly i would advise you to hold on and see the benchmarks on the gtx 1070 which I'll be doing on the channel as well before you spend your hard-earned money also don't forget the 980 TI will most likely get a price cut making it more desirable in the end i would honestly wait for the price cuts and the release of the 1070 before tossing any money at these cards but that's it for the video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy my quick straight to the point without wasting any more time benchmark style videos let me know by dropping a like and also let me know by leaving your feedback down below because i will definitely keep these going on the channel let me know what other cards you guys want to see go up against the gtx 1080 and i'll go to add that to my list that's basically a thing guys so much for watching and I will see you very soon
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