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Galaxy Note Edge Unboxing and First Look (4K)

what is up guys bar back again with Texas and in this video we are going to be unboxing and taking a quick first look at the Galaxy Note edge i'm also going to go over my first impressions of this device after using it for a day so without any more hesitation let's get to the unboxing we have the AT&T model here which is why it's in this horrible box but in the box you get the device itself and your usual manuals and warranty information from Samsung you also get your fast charging brick and micro USB wire your 3,000 milliamp battery as well as S Pen replacement tips if I had to choose one word to describe this phone I would choose interesting I mean there's just so much going on here that is new to me when I first saw the device get announced alongside the galaxy note 4 I didn't think it would be anything different and honestly didn't see a reason someone would opt for the note edge instead of just going for the normal note but before I say anything else let me just get this out of the way I am NOT trying to sell this device to you samsung has not written me a large check to give this device praise if they did I probably would be driving a Lamborghini or something like that but I'm not these are my real first impressions now this phone is far from perfect and there are a lot of things I would have personally change to improve the user interface the main complaint i have about this phone is the functionality and how Samsung implemented the extra features on to the edge of the phone for example I do not understand why Samsung didn't make it possible to open the apps located on the edge in windowed mode or in a motor we can continue to do what you were doing and not have your screen taken over for example I would love if I could use the edge to make calls without opening up the dialer app or you samsung Smart Remote app without having to load the whole app up and interrupt what I was doing that would have made more sense to me seeing as the whole purpose of the edge is to make using the phone more convenient aside from that there isn't really much else that I can say about this phone that is negative sure you can throw the usual complaints in there like the typical Samsung laggin glitches but just like on the note for the stutters on this phone don't come often and when they do they're usually not that bad but don't get me wrong they're still present now let's get to why i like this phone that's the new factor i don't know about you guys but whenever something new comes out but not new as in specs and better hardware but new as the first of its kind I get excited using this phone feels like a new experience even though most of it isn't it feels like it is what's exciting me the most is what the developer community is going to do with this extra real estate because as of right now there isn't really anything compelling enough to pay the premium over the price of the note for to get this phone another thing I wanted to mention is that this phone and this form factor take getting used to I found myself accidentally hitting menus in opening up apps from the edge of the phone on accident which gets annoying really quick there is definitely room for improvement as functionality seems to be lacking but this is the first device in the edge series so i won't give Samsung too much heat for that so overall if you want a new experience from your phone and you see yourself using the added real estate then you should definitely be interested in this device that pretty much wraps up my first impressions if you guys would like a more in-depth review once I get to spend some more quality time with this phone let me know down below I want to know what you guys think about this phone feel free to leave your thoughts down below as I will be reading almost all the comments but anyways this is Bob from Texas and like always I'll see you next time you you
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