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Galaxy S6 vs HTC ONE M9 - Detailed Speed Test + Benchmarks

the lithium card is a very thin portable charger that will juice up your Android or iPhone device without the need to carry around bulky power banks it's even thin enough to fit inside your wallet click on the screen or the link below for more info what's up guys it's at from tech source and in this video I will be conducting a very detailed speed test as well as benchmark tests between the Galaxy s6 and the HTC One m9 here are the specs of both phones they are both winning an octa-core processor with 3 gigs of RAM so should be an interesting test considering both phones were released within a week from each other both phones are running the latest Android software 5.0.2 lollipop and also both of them are connected to the same wireless network with maximum brightness and no background apps running so that's it I'm gonna go ahead and start off with a fresh reboot and let you guys enjoy the show where is the closest McDonald's here are the listings for McDonald's within seven miles what's the weather gonna be like tomorrow well movies are playing tomorrow what time is it in England well there you have it a clear winner of the speed test and benchmarks as well the galaxy s6 is by far the faster and better performing phone than the HTC One m9 in fact it's been creaming all of the phones I've been putting it up against and you guys can find a list of those speed tests in the description section down below but anyways as it for the video if you enjoyed it please hit that like button if you didn't feel free to this like and let me know what you guys think about the test if there's a specific test or comparison you want to see next let me know by dropping a comment down below thanks again for watching this is Zed and I will see you in the next video
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