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Galaxy S6 vs HTC ONE M9 - Full Camera Comparison

our coverage for the galaxy s6 and HTC One m9 is sponsored by cell cashier com they compared iPhone prices on the Internet and give you a quick quote and the most cash for your iPhone what's up guys it's ed back again from Texas and welcome to another full detailed camera test between the galaxy s6 and the HTC One m9 but before we jump into the samples let's take a quick look at their specs the galaxy s6 and s6 edge both have the same cameras which is a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera with an aperture of 1.9 and I can shoot up to a resolution of 4k at 30fps the m9 has a twenty point seven megapixel rear facing camera with an aperture of 2.2 and I can also shoot up to 4k resolution at 30fps for front-facing cameras both the Galaxy phones have a five megapixel camera that can shoot in 1440p at 30fps whereas the four megapixel camera on the m9 can shoot up to only 1080p at 30fps so that's a photo specs now let's sit back relax and enjoy the show when it comes to focusing the galaxy s6 does a fantastic job no problems whatsoever trying to focus the object and the speed is insanely fast in my last camera comparison it even beat the iPhone 6 plus Samsung has definitely improved this feature greatly from their last year's model the m9 on the other hand does a decent job definitely not as fast as the s6 but it does get the job done regardless also there are times where the camera would focus in and out a few times to try and capture the object but other than that it's pretty accurate for daylight video the galaxy s6 takes some stunning footage and quark a resolution it has great colour reproduction and just the overall video is a lot more vivid and you also get a wider field of view the m9 does a great job in 4k as well with warmer colors and sharp footage besides the annoying lens on the m9 going in and out every so often while filming I think both phones do a great job at 4k recording however I am leaning more towards the s6 for the point moving to low-light video there's really not much to be said here everyone knows that the m9 flunks during low-light recording so the obvious point goes to the galaxy s6 with more clarity brightness and overall sharper footage than the m9 what does it be guys and welcome to the stabilization test and the microphone test between both of the phones that you see on the screen and also make sure you guys check out the audio icon somewhere on the screen and it will basically tell you which phone's microphone is being used also all the phones are being shot in 1080p to ensure optical image stabilization is enabled if the phone does have optical image stabilization for stabilization and microphone quality the s6 easily takes the point with a much louder and clearer microphone audio and buttery smooth stabilization the m9 doesn't stand a chance then again that's expected since the m9 doesn't even have optical image stabilization what is going on HTC moving to daylight pictures the m9 seems to have warmer colors compared to the galaxy s6 and it also seems to have slightly more exposure value giving the colors a slight washed out look whereas the galaxy s6 pictures look more vibrant the dynamic range on the s6 is a lot better than the m9 the image looks super crisp and you get a nice balance of the shadows and highlights the Essex even has a better front-facing camera with a wider field of view which is a good plus for taking selfies with larger groups of people so for delight pictures the s6 definitely deserves the point moving indoors and away from the Sun the s6 captures more detail in every picture if you pay attention to the red cup you can see the hefty logo in the middle and the texture of the cup on the s6 shot by the way it helps if you're watching my camera comparisons full screen on a monitor blacks are also very sharp on the s6 this one is a bit harder to see but there is an ext abbreviation right below the PlayStation button and you can see that on the s6 image and not on the m9 dimming the lights a little bit is where the m9 starts to struggle once again the images become blurry and noisy whereas the s6 maintains a great balance thanks to its 1.9 aperture now let's talk about the flash the s6 doesn't have the best flash on a smartphone I have concluded that on my previous camera test video in fact the 6 plus has a better overall flash but the s6 flash certainly beats the m9 there is just too much light coming out of the camera and it completely washes out the image every time especially when taking pictures of light objects the reflection of light certainly doesn't help either camera's flash so the final verdict we pretty much have a clear winner here I think that the only thing the m9 does decent is 4k video and daylight pics and even then it's not better than the galaxy s6 I'm really disappointed in HTC this year I think we all expected much more from them but instead got a second-rate smartphone so tohis that is it for the video I really want to hear what your thoughts are on this I'm sure that there's a lot of you that disagree with me and if you do let me know by dropping at this like on the video and leaving your feedback in the comment section down below those of you that agree with me leave a like and feel free to share whatever is on your mind as well I will be active in the comments section down below if you guys enjoy camera comparisons like these make sure you are subscribed to the channel because there's going to be a lot more coming anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video so before I go I wanted to share an awesome website which you guys sell casher comm is a site where you can sell your iPhone for the highest dollar amount they purchase iPhones from all major US carriers and currently only operate in the United ates they purchase all of these iPhone models that you see on this page from all the popular carriers even unlocked phones to get a quick quote you just 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