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Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus - Realistic Speed Test

what's up guys it's at back again from Texas and in this video I'm going to be doing a realistic speed test between the galaxy s6 and the iphone 6 plus now I've actually done a speed test between these phones before on my channel but that was based on performance and the web browser test was basically done on Wi-Fi which wasn't really a fair test since it wasn't using its actual data connection well in this video I'm actually be doing something a little different I'm going to be running an app called an perf which basically runs a controlled browsing test screaming test and an actual speed test on both of the phones network and at the end I'll give an overall score on which phone is basically the fastest phone the app is actually free and ali building down below if you guys are interested in downloading it and trying it on your smart phones but let's go and start the video and see what happens so before I start the video I know some of you might ask me in the comments section where I got these badass skins from so I might as well just mention it real quick so these are both from the brand and I'm rocking the carbon fiber ones on both of my phones but they do have a bunch of other types for other devices as well and I'll leave a link right below if you guys want to check them out but let's go to move on to the actual specs of both phones real quick before starting the actual speed test so the s6 is rocking on X 07 octa-core processor with three gigs of RAM while the six plus features apples a chipset and a dual core processor with one gigs of RAM alright so both phones are updated to its latest software the 6 plus is running iOS 8.3 and the s6 is running 5.0 point2 as of now these are the latest versions on both devices Wi-Fi is disabled by tennis is set to max and the background apps have been removed as well to make it a fair test alright so here we go starting with the iphone 6 plus now I did run the test three times on both devices and pick the highest score to represent each phone so the first test is the actual speed test then we can see that the iphone 6 plus gets an average of twelve point three megabytes per second download and for upload it gets an average of 5.8 Meg's for Latin see it scores an average of two hundred and nine milliseconds with minimum of 107 now it's moving down to the browsing test it basically opens up the following web pages one by one and calculates the time it takes to load them by the way I will bring the s6 in here side by side so you guys can compare all the results in the end moving on to the final test which is the streaming portion and it's basically like the browsing test but for videos it does the same video in 243 60 and lastly 720p and calculates the initial loading time the buffering and the amount of data used as you can tell the higher the quality of the video the more data is consumed notice that there are no buffering times on any of the videos and well you can thank the 4g network for that so the iphone six-plus receive a score of 10,000 332 for the full test and you can see the performance waits for the browsing and screaming right below you can also compare the scores to the other carriers across the states now obviously the location is a huge factor on the final score so make sure you keep that into consideration now I won't let you guys sit through the entire test again on the s6 so I'm just going to put them side-by-side and you guys can compare the scores so for the speed test the 6 plus got an average of twelve point three megs down and 5.8 Meg's up with a lancia average of 209 ms whereas the s6 got slightly lower speeds for download and up however it did manage to get a lower lands the average at 133 ms compared to the iphone 6 is 209 ms but overall the 6 plus has faster data transfer speeds moving on to the browsing test that looks like the s6 was faster at opening up Facebook and Wikipedia only whereas the 6 plus was faster for Google Yahoo and Amazon so it's safe to assume that the 6 plus is faster when it comes to browsing and that's actually true if you saw my previous feet test between both of the phones the 6 + beat out the s6 when it came to browsing the web and even scored higher for the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark lastly we have the streaming test and once again the 6 plus was overall the faster phone when it came to loading times for all the videos and notice that it even used less data than the galaxy s6 so I'm sure at this point you already know which phone has won the 6 + scored eight ten thousand 332 whereas the s6 scored a 5550 7 so based on the n perf test the 6 plus is actually faster than the galaxy s6 but only in terms of data speeds uploading and downloading files is faster on the six plus browsing the webs and loading web pages is faster on the 6 plus and even streaming videos his faster on the 6 plus but when it comes to actual performance of the phone the galaxy s6 is still faster because it has better specs anyways that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it please leave a like and if you want to see me do this type of speed test along with my other speed test videos then let me know by dropping a comment down below once again the app is called n perf and for those of you guys that want to download it and try it on your smartphone I'll leave a link down below for that but anyways thanks again for watching this is said and i'll see you guys in the next video
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