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Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6/6 Plus - Full Speedtest + Benchmark

our coverage for the galaxy s6 and HTC One m9 is sponsored by cell cashier com they compared iPhone prices on the Internet and give you a quick quote and the most cash for your iPhone what's up guys it's ed back again from tech source and welcome to another speed and benchmark test this time we are facing off the galaxy s6 versus the iPhone 6 or 6 plus but Before we jump into the test let's take a glance at their specs the s6 features an Exynos 7420 octa-core processor the first quad-core clocked at 1.5 gigahertz and its second quad-core clock that 2.1 gigahertz with 3 gigs of ram now the iPhone 6 and 6-plus on the other hand uses their a 8 chip with a dual-core 1.4 gigahertz cyclone processor and it has 1 gigs of RAM so in the speed test I will be giving points for whichever phone opens their app first and points for multitasking Google Voice and Siri speeds as well as browser speed tests so with that said let's start off with the boot test what what's the weather like today for Los Angeles 76 degree where's the closest Taco Bell are you miles located one point one miles your door well movies are playing right now near Los Angeles a but there are three far from Los Angeles what time is it right now in Tokyo Japan what is the square root of 69 square root of 169 is 8.30 1 is approximately point three zero six six well there you have it it seems like the Galaxy S six is much faster than the iPhone 6 plus it loads most apps especially games a lot quicker however when it comes to multitasking the six-plus surprisingly wasn't that far behind of course the s6 is the newer phone with better specs so it's kind of expected to win the speed test until the iPhone 6s comes out later this year that is anyways that is it for the video let me know what you guys think about the speed test and if there's a specific phone you want to see the s6 go up against next be sure to let me know by dropping a comment down below and if you like this video feel free to hit that like button and if you didn't you can dislike and make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel for more galaxy s6 coverage thanks again for watching this is it from tech stores I will see you guys in the next video so before I go I wanted to share an awesome website with you guys cell cashier comm is a site where you can sell your iPhone for the highest dollar amount they purchase iPhones from all major US carriers and currently only operate in the United States they purchase all of these iPhone models that you see on this page from all the popular carriers even unlocked phones to get a quick quote you just simply pick your iPhone model carrier size and condition of your iPhone and the quote will immediately display if you like the quote then you can just add it to your cart and checkout they will even send you a prepaid label and a box for free you can also choose how you want to be paid they can either send you a check or you can get paid directly from PayPal so if you want to sell your iPhone don't go anywhere else because cell cashier will give you the most cash for your iPhone also make sure to check out their website for updated prices once again thanks for watching I'll see you next time you
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