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Galaxy S6/S6 Edge vs HTC ONE M9 - Comparison

so the HTC One m9 and the galaxy s6 and s6 edge have been officially announced at mwc this year what's up guys it's at from Texas and in this video I'm going to be comparing the specs and features of both phones alright so first let's talk about price and availability the m9 is expected to launch sometime in March for around a full retail price of 649 and it will be available in these following carriers and retail stores also HTC com will sell an unlocked version the m9 will also be available in the following color combinations now the s6 and s6 edge will be available in April 10 globally with a few colors to choose from as well however the blue topaz will only be available for the s6 and the green emerald will only be available exclusively for the s6 edge the price hasn't been announced yet for either phone but I believe it will land anywhere from six to eight hundred with the s6 edge costing slightly more it also be available in these retail stores and carriers right now let's talk about specs both phones are very similar in height and width however the m9 weighs more due to its full aluminum body not only is that six slider but it's also much thinner than the m9 measuring at six point eight millimeters for its thickness the HTC One m9 sports a 1080p super lcd3 5-inch screen with a pixel per inch count of 441 whereas the s6 and edge sport a 1440 x 2560 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen with a pixel per inch count of 577 software-wise the m9 is running HTC Sense UI 7 point oh while the galaxy s6 6 to their lag I mean TouchWiz and to be fair Samsung actually announced that the UI is forty percent lighter than before so i'll definitely be testing that out when i get my hands on one both phones start at 32 gigabytes of internal memory however you can expand up to an additional 128 gigabyte via SD card slot on the m9 unfortunately the s6 and s6 edge there is no option to expand your memory so you have to decide on how much memory you need before buying one just like the iphone lineup when it comes to battery life only one phone gets an upgrade while the other gets a downgrade the m9 jumps up to 8 28 40 million battery up from 2600 from the m8 and the galaxy s6 downgrades to a 25 50 million battery from 2800 last year I'm actually really curious about the battery performance and whether or not this change is actually an upgrade for the device or a downgrade but I guess we'll find out once I get my hands on one moving to camera specs the m9 finally gets rid of that horrendous dual camera feature on the back and instead replaces it with a 20 point seven megapixel sensor with an aperture of 2.2 the galaxy s6 on the other hand sticks to the same 16 megapixel camera but with a much lower aperture of 1.9 giving it much better low-light performance samsung also stated that their camera is a lot better this time around so I'm really excited to test it out the front facing cameras on both phones can shoot in 1080p at 30fps however the m9 has a 4 megapixel sensor and the s6 has a 5 megapixel sensor both bones can also shoot in 4k resolution and slow motion at 120fps and here is a list of the rest of the specs which I won't bore you guys with you can pause the video if you want time to read them all but for the sake of time I will move forward now let's talk about build quality the m9 has a full aluminum body with rounded edges and a rounded back just like the m8 was however it's not as slippery thanks to its coding and thicker sides making a much bulkier and easier to hold on to the s6 on the other hand has definitely stepped up its game with a full metal frame and Gorilla Glass for the front and back finally giving the phone a premium feel we have all been waiting for unfortunately with that upgrade the phone loses some key features that include a removable battery and an expandable SD card slot I personally think that the trade-off was well worth it one thing i don't like about s6 is billed is the protruding camera on the back it would have been nice to keep it somewhat flush like the HTC One m8 then again installing a case would eliminate that problem the HTC One m9 finally moved the power button back down to the right side although much lower than its predecessor just under the volume buttons so there might be some adjust to do to get used to it the speakers and the front-facing camera are also still in the same location as the m8 and the same can be said about the galaxy s6 however the home button is slightly larger with an improved fingerprint reader instead of having all the buttons on the right side of the phone like the m9 does the s6 volume buttons are located on the left side of the phone whereas the power button and the sim card slot are located on the right side besides the s6 having its speaker is located on the bottom of the phone this time around instead of the back you can find the usual headphone jack and micro USB port on the bottom for both devices anyways that wraps up the comparison between the samsung galaxy s6 and the HTC One m9 there will be tons more content covering these two phones including my famous camera test benchmarks and speed test so make sure you guys hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out I also want to ask you guys which phone do you prefer the m9 the galaxy s6 or the s6 edge feel free to leave your answer in the comment section down below anyways once again thanks for watching this is that from Texas and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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