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Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (Unboxing & Quick Look)

what's up guys text was back here with a look at samsung's newly released Galaxy Tab pro 10.1 we first saw this tablet Samsung's booth during CES 2014 along with a few other Samsung tablets the 2560 by 1600 10.1 inch screen puts it right in the middle of Samsung's tablet line out of the box it comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and magazine UI on top swiping from the right of the screen you will be able to run two apps side by side which is not something new from Samsung but the new menu system does offer quicker and easier way to access this feature the big thing with this tablet was Samsung's new magazine interface it lives a part of the homescreen kind of like the blinkfeed for HTC it gives the user glanceable information about certain topics all which can be changed the users liking you can also browse through more stories by simply swiping up and this makes it really easy to quickly catch up without having to actually enter the application swiping to the right we are brought to the productivity screen where users have access to that personal calendar a customizable new widget where news that only matters to you is presented as well as easy access to email swiping right takes us back to the traditional Android home screen swiping down we can see that we have quick access to settings as well as a slider to easily control the brightness of the screen as well as the tablets volume the menu system is divided into tabs where the user can easily find the settings that they are looking for but we kind of found this confusing at times probably because we are so used to a more traditional settings layout from our quick hands-on here with the Galaxy Tab pro we feel unimpressed sure the display is gorgeous but that's about all at the tablets going for maybe if Samsung had opted to include the s-pen we would have thought that the tablet offered more but they did not as a right now there is nothing that really separates this tablet from all the other Android tablets out there on paper it seems like an absolute beast with a Snapdragon 800 CPU and 2 gigs of RAM but unfortunately that's not the case there were times when we would experience lag and severe delayed applications like as voice which just took forever to respond I'm sure this is mostly because of TouchWiz and all features that come with jammed into this tablet by Samsung but that is no excuse to charge this much for an experience that is no better than beasts in I mean don't get me wrong this tablet isn't a total fail I mean some features like being able to have two applications open on one screen make this a great tablet for productivity and getting work done with so much screen real estate features like those work really great that being said they are not for me I always prefer a laptop or a desktop to get work done or do anything that requires the smallest level of accuracy I would recommend this tablet to anyone looking for a great screen though I mean watching movies and playing games should be a dream on this so that's a quick look at the Galaxy Tab pro 10.1 hopefully you guys enjoyed the video if so please leave a like and as always I will see you next time you
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