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Gaming & Editing PC Builds - October

what's up guys is that from tech stores and welcome to October's PC builds at this time we have two different price points one is a super budget $350 gaming PC and the other one is a mid-range 1050 or 1060 dollar gaming PC as well as always any parts that I mentioned in this video will be linked below but let's go ahead and jump right into it actually guys before I begin the video I want to give you huge thanks to Jays two cents for sending out his RX 480 last month to help out with a crossfire build I did on the channel if you are not already subscribed to him be sure to go over and check him out because he makes some of the best water-cooled pcs on YouTube and there's an amazing job and explaining how things work his videos are very educational and I've learned a lot from him and I'm sure you guys will too but I'll drop a link down to his channel so make sure to go and subscribe if you haven't already so starting off the month we have a very cheap gaming PC that will cost you only three hundred and fifty dollars please keep in mind that this build is only for people that don't plan on upgrading and it needs something within the next few months as AMD Zen is coming out and in your future with new CPUs and ddr4 support so if you do decide to upgrade you will need to buy a completely new motherboard CPU and RAM but if you guys don't care about upgrading in the future and only have 350 bucks in your pocket and want to run games between 30 to 60 FPS then this is the PC for you for the CPU we are going with the one and only x4 860 K which is a solid quad core processor clocked at 3.7 gigahertz which is sufficient for gaming we are not going with a CPU cooler to keep the cost down so instead we are going to use a stock heatsink and pair that with the asrock fm2 motherboard which is a solid board for the money that also offers onboard USB 3.0 the motherboard is also built with 100% solid capacitors so don't expect this to crap out in the near future for RAM we are going with team Vulcan this time around simply because of the value 1600 megahertz radio Ram sticks for only 34 bucks is a pretty good deal to pass up for storage we are starting off with just 500 gigabytes of hard drive space from Seagate which can obviously be upgraded later on and for the a card we are using the new sapphire rx 460 I did do some research and it turns out there is very slight bottlenecking with the 860 K however it is very marginal and shouldn't affect gameplay at all we are packing everything inside the fractal design core 1000 case because it only cost 25 bucks and it comes with front panel USB 3.0 which is very rare to find for that price point and finally juicing up the entire system is the ever-so-popular 430 watt power supply from EVGA simply because it's one of the best power supplies for budget builds that cost around $30.00 no other brand comes close once again the total is $350 so if you need a gaming PC now and don't care about upgrading in the future then this is the PC you want if you want to play games between 30 and 60 FPS now let's take a look at a very solid $1000 mid-range gaming PC actually this will cost you around 1060 but as plenty of room for upgrades in the near future starting off with a solid quad core CPU the 6600 K clocked at 3.5 gigahertz will bring you happiness but it doesn't end there we are going to be overclocking the CPU to at least 4.0 gigahertz hence why we picked up the extremely popular and amazing 212 Evo CPU cooler we obviously need a solid z board that will not break the bank and after shuffling through a bunch of them on Amazon I ended up with the azrog Z 170 m motherboard for 100 bucks you get a very sturdy motherboard with a bunch of features it has 12 K platinum capacitors a very sexy-looking i/o armor with a matte black PCB and orange accents if you're going to be pushing your CPU to its maximum this board will get the job done sticking with the color scheme I went with to HyperX fury black RAM sticks rated at 21 33 megahertz since the motherboard supports m2 I decided to throw in a 128 gigabyte m2 SSD from transcend which will hold the operating system along with a few programs that need super fast boot times I also added a one terabyte hard drive from Seagate and of course there was always room to add more storage in the future for the graphics card I went with the gigabyte g1 gaming not because the orange accents match with the motherboard but because the benchmarks were very impressive compared to other GTX 10-7 that I reviewed on the channel not to mention how beast the card is after overclocking storing all of these parts as the fantex Eclipse p400 tower because it's only $65 and has a very clean design with a large clear side panel finally powering the build is a 700 watt power supply from EVGA and the reason why I went with 700 watts is for expandability this configuration is perfect for anyone that wants to add an extra gtx 1070 in the future or even upgrade to a more powerful processor but that will do it for this month's pc build as always if you guys enjoy these videos be sure to hit that like button as it does help me out a ton and also make sure you subscribe to the channel because you don't want to miss out on my next few PC builds coming out in the next few weeks thing as much watching and I'll see you in the next video
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