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Gaming & Editing PC Builds - September 2016

what's up guys that's that from Texas and welcome to pcs of September what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to September's PC builds at this time I'm gonna be looking at two different configurations the first one will give you the most performance for your money and the second one is kind of a ridiculous build featuring two Titan X's in SLI and also for those of you who are new to the channel I have two different types of PC content on tech source the one that you are watching now usually happens within the first week of each month and these are theoretical PC builds where I basically talk about the parts that I would use for my own PC if I were to build one and then later on during the middle of the month is when I actually do a physical build with the time lapse the benchmarks and the occasional build guide so yeah I just wanted to clear that up because some people are kind of confused but as always you guys can find all the parts I mentioned in this video link below so without wasting our time let's start off with the first PC so starting off we have a bang for your buck gaming PC featuring the i-5 6500 it's a solid quad core CPU that'll get the job done when it comes to gaming and since we're not going to be doing any overclocking I didn't pick up a CPU cooler which also means that AZ board is not needed instead I went with the gigabyte h1 10 M motherboard with support of up to 32 gigs of DDR for ram and onboard USB 3.0 this motherboard gives you the best bang for your buck on a skylake PC build all we need for gaming is 8 gigs of RAM and I went with a g.skill ripjaws since they are currently the coolest and have the lowest price when it comes to 2 4 gigabyte sticks we do have one terabyte of hard drive space from Seagate for storage however I did add an additional 240 gigabyte of space from a data SSD which will be used for the operating system and a few important programs the graphics card we are going with in this build is two goodbye gtx 1070 g1 gaming this will get you over 60fps and triple-a titles maxed out in 2k resolution that's 2560 by 1440 P you can also get some pretty nice frames between 40 to 70 and 4k resolution as well depending on the settings you've used and you can watch my gtx 1070 video if you guys want more benchmarks powering this entire build is the EVGA 700 watt 80 plus bronze certified power supply and we are going with the fantex eclipse p400 ATX tower this entire PC build will cost you at $1000 plus tax and shipping of course if you have a budget of around $1000 this is the PC I highly recommend for gaming all right now let's get a little crazy and build a monster gaming and editing rig we have a 59 60 X 8 core processor that's overkill for gaming but I picked this up because it's amazing for editing obviously we need to keep the CPU cool since we are going to be pushing it to its limit hence why I went to the corsair h 110 i GTX CPU cooler which is one of the best high-end a i/o cooler is currently out in the market we are spending quite a few pennies in this build so we can't cheap out on the motherboard now although there are a lot of options out there that offer a ton of features for a lower cost high simply said screw that and went with the best motherboard that offers all the bells and whistles the rog rampage 5 Edition 10 full our RGB illumination supreme FX hi-fi audio built-in Wi-Fi and safe slot on all of the PCI slots which by the way supports up to four-way SLI I did do a review on this so because are interested in checking this out make sure to watch the video linked below for RAM we are going with 32 gigabytes of Dominator Platinum's waited at 3200 megahertz and for storage we have a few drives a 256 gigabyte 950 Pro for the OS and several important programs and a one terabyte 850 Evo with a four terabyte Western Digital black for the bulk of the storage although to Titan X's are completely unnecessary and you won't be getting your money's worth by adding a second one I decided to add one anyways because why not this is an overkill build after all to do sup is bad boys and the rest of the parts I went with the coarser 1,000 watt 80 + platinum fully modular power supply and housing all of these parts as the cursor 750d full tower case this entire build will cost you a little over 6500 but that will do for this video as always if you guys enjoy these videos be sure to leave a like and also drop your comments down below letting me know what type of build and budget you guys want me to work on for my next month's PC build whether it's a $300 gaming PC or a $6,000 editing PC whatever it is let me know in the comments below thinking as much for watching and I will see you next video you
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