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Gaming & Editing PC Builds for August - 2016

never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to this month's PC builds we're gonna change things up and bring you a $700 Mini ITX build along with a 1950 gaming and editing PC which by the way you guys can find the links to all the parts mentioned down below so let's go and start this episode so the first build is a $700 Mini ITX gaming PC featuring the i3 6100 now although this is a dual core processor it does have hyper threading technology meaning it acts as a quad core and since most games take advantage of hyper threading technology you won't be losing out on any frames in fact the 6100 shows similar performance compared to the FX 8320 II which has eight cores and even the i5 44:30 in some cases the 6100 actually performed better I did pick up a cooler just to keep the fan noise down in overall cooler temps but it is optional and it's not required since you can't even overclock the CPU for the motherboard I went with the Asus H 110 M which is a very solid board for only 50 dollars and has a lot of nice features for ram I went with 8 gigs of g.skill ripjaws rated at 2400 megahertz now I did stick with a black and red theme for this build hence why I picked up bread Ram sticks and the msi gtx 1060 graphics card the gtx 960 does perform better than the RX 480 and the gtx 970 so it made sense to go with that card for this budget build obviously you can pick up any gtx 960 you want for your own build but to keep the color scheme consistent I went with msi for storage I went with 2 terabytes of hard drive space from Seagate and for the case I went with the black version of II thermaltake core v 21 I'm calling this build the dark cube and finally juicing up all the parts is a 500 watt power supply from EVGA now you guys might be asking me so ed which build is better Ice Cube or dark cube well obviously dark cube is better because the GTX 1060 wasn't available at the time in fact the GTX 760 is nearly 75% faster than the GTX 960 so if you guys want a nice FPS boost and games I would definitely upgrade when you the money overall this build will cost you a little over $700 all right so moving on to something with a little more power this is a great PC for both editing and gaming featuring the new 1600 k-6 core processor that's great for editing and rendering 4k video this is an unlocked CPU which is meant for overclocking hence why I picked up an H 100 iv2 cooler from corsair and a very solid motherboard the EVGA micro 2 that features a USB 3.1 port and an MDOT 2 speaking of which this time around I went with the Samsung 950 Pro m2 SSD which has ridiculously crazy speeds of up to 25 hundred megabytes read and 1500 write this is where the operating system would be installed as well as any editing programs maybe even some games that you want loaded faster our secondary storage is going to be a basic three terabyte hard drive from Seagate and four RAM I went with 32 gigs of Crucial Ballistix sport I didn't do my best to keep the white and black being consistent for the graphics card we are using the msi gtx armor to match the color scheme and it comes with some pretty beefy specs as well of course the band is optional and you can go with any GT X 1080 you want powering this PC is the EVGA 600 watt power supply which has plenty of juice even after overclocking the CPU and GPU and finally bringing this entire build together is the courser Air 240 case with a very compact form factor and sleek look this is the perfect white case to complement the micro ATX build so that is it for this month's build if you guys enjoyed these monthly videos be sure to hit that like button and as always guys can find the parts link below then you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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