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Gaming On A Projector! | Nebula Mars Review

what's up guys is that from tech stores and today we're going to be taking a look at a very cool projector from nebula if you guys didn't know nebula is a sister company to anchor and hopefully the quality we've come to expect from them translates here as well so this is made to be portable this dimensions are 5 by 7 by 5 there's also a leather like strap that makes it even easier to carry around there's even a regular tripod thread on the bottom that enables mounting this device and any orientation you like but don't let the size fool you this thing is packing some impressive hardware the system relies on a 64-bit 1.5 gigahertz quad-core arm a processor with 8 gigs of RAM the 3,000 lumen lamp projects an image between 40 and 300 inches unfortunately there isn't any zoom so to change the image size you're going to have to move the projector closer or further away from the wall of course the bigger the images the less sharp it's going to be with the max resolution of 1280 by 800 and for reference you guys can find a full 1080p projector online for five hundred dollars while the Mars projector is on sale for 600 retail price of 800 the extra cost comes from its portability which Intel's it to have its own speakers as well as a built-in battery I've been using this device for about three weeks now when I've got a pretty good idea of its limitations as well as its strong points but with that said let's begin the review so first off it feels very durable and since it's made mostly out of plastic it weighs only at four pounds I want to necessarily say I feel comfortable accidentally dropping this thing but I wouldn't worry about bumps or light impacts for input we get a single HDMI to a USB 3 and a headphone jack the holes on both the left and right sides are for the JBL speakers pulling down the cover turns the system on and vice versa the fan kicks in and the Android based interface cakes on the fan does get a bit audible but not too loud and it's not distracting the interface is very simple to use with the included controller which works with infrared but likely you don't have to be behind the projector for it to work unfortunately the UI is a little too simple for my liking I don't understand why they didn't just shift is out with Android TV we don't get much apps here either instead we get a few nebula improved ones but luckily since it runs on Android I can install apk directly from a USB Drive not the most seamless of solutions but it still works besides its shortcomings where this projector really shines is in its picture quality open up some media and you are greeted to awesome colors and a 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio and with the brightness of 3000 lumens you don't necessarily have to be in a dark environment even though that would be preferred obviously it's a projector aside from the great picture quality we also have great audio quality believe it or not you guys can even Bluetooth sync this to some speakers but I didn't find that necessary because it does come with dual 10 watts JBL speakers inside there's got solid performance throughout the lows and highs and have a surprising amount of bass in fact here's a quick audio test now there are programmed image profiles but I found myself using the user mode and fine-tuning my own image we get control over the color temperature the brightness RGB brightness contrast and even the wall color if we're not projecting onto a white wall something to note here is if you're actually running off the battery of the device it's limited to a certain level of brightness obviously if you can I do recommend plugging it straight into the wall so you can have that extra layer of brightness as well as picture quality it does have a 19,500 million power battery which is claimed to last up to three hours and for my usage it was actually pretty accurate what's also cool is that you can even charge your own device using the built-in battery which is a nice touch but do keep in mind that it does drain the battery of the overall projector a lot faster something I was surprised to see included in the software is Apple AirPlay support to mirror my iPhone screen all I have to do is click on a device on the airplane menu on my iPhone this makes sharing content or just playing my mobile games on a largest scale much easier if you only Android device you can also mirror your screen or cast content as though this was an official Google device the image is 60 FPS so playing games was also great actually to be more accurate playing games those on another level plug it in the console and watch how your games become much more immersive I'm not too sure what the input lag is but it must have been not too high because I didn't really notice it and it didn't affect my gameplay at all if you guys are looking for a projector that sits at home and doesn't have much versatility beyond that then I would say skip this you'll find cheaper alternatives on Amazon but if you're looking for something more mobile that has great image and sound quality wherever you are with decent battery life I recommend you guys to check this one out while it's still on sale I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out there if you guys enjoyed the video and are feeling awesome feel free to drop a like to show your support and if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike as well thank you so much again for watching and I will see you in the next one
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