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Gaming PC Build Buying Guide for all Budgets!

what's happening is mtax aureus and before the year ends I want to go over three separate PC configurations for all types of budgets starting with a non-tree level 1080p gaming PC for less than $500 then we have a mid-range $1,000 gaming and streaming PC with an RT X 2070 and for the ballers out there that want to build a beast 4k gaming machine that can also be used for streaming content creation and pretty much anything else really then I got one just for you that cost three thousand dollars I'm also going to be building one of these pcs on the channel but I want you guys to vote and let me know which one in the comment section down below I'll be doing a full build guide as well as an overclocking tutorial with Windows installation and all that so do keep that in mind also this video get 6,000 likes I will pick one random person in the comments section and I will send over the parts for the budget PC which is the first PC I'm gonna be talking about in this video and if you guys live outside of the country I'm just gonna send you five million dollars in cash so that we can avoid customs and shipping costs and stuff like that winner will be announced January 15th on my Twitter account also since Christmas is around the corner I teamed up with MSI on their best tech gift ideas under 1225 if you guys are interested in it I'll drop a link to it down below alright so the first build is gonna cost you a little less than $500 and that's including the Windows 10 CD key which you can buy for just $15 we're going with the 2,200 G quad-core processor which offers a lot of performance for the money the 2200 G is very popular in budget builds because of the overclock ability you can easily push it to 3.8 gigahertz on the stock cooler or 3.9 if you're lucky there's a great tutorial on overclocking which I will link below if you guys want to check it out I didn't want to cheap out on the motherboard and I wanted something with future expandability so the b4 50m bazooka from MSI has a decent price and some nice features for starters it supports overclocking it has four dimm slots m-dot to support and three fan headers the board does support ram up to 34 66 megahertz but we're going with two sticks for a total of eight gigs at 3000 megahertz from team Vulcan which fits perfectly within our budget and since we do have two extra them slots on the board you can always add an extra a gigs of ram in the future if you do end up upgrading for storage we're keeping it simple with a one terabyte hard drive from Hitachi however if you have a slightly higher budget consider buying a 120 gigabyte SSD for the operating system for the GPU I went with the rx 574 gigabyte card because that's currently the best bang for your buck GPU under $200 for 1080p gaming when you look at the benchmarks you can see that it outperforms the gtx 1050 TI in almost every game it's also cheaper than the GTX 1050 TI by around 20 dollars making it the obvious choice for this budget build you can go with any rx 574 gigabyte card out there just make sure you're not spending more than $150 on the GPU the case we're going with is super cheap it's only $27 and it's from Rosewell I try to save as much money as I could on the case but at the same time not get something really crappy for the price it's actually not a bad case it's got a see-through side panel four USB ports in the front two of which are USB 3 and it comes with two pre-installed fans we got a single 120 millimeter fan in the front and an 80 millimeter fan for the rear it's definitely not the best looking case out there but for $27 I think it's a steal finally powering the PC is a family white bronze certified power supply from EVGA which is going for $38 if you plan on picking up a Windows 10 CD key for $15 that will bring your total up to $4.99 and 44 cents before tax and shipping so that's your on tree-level gaming PC on the $500 now let's move on to something with a little more power this build is for anyone that wants to game in quad HD resolution over 60 fps or wants to max up most games and 1080p in the highest settings over a hundred FPS this build is gonna cost you a little over a thousand dollars but this time we're going with the horizon 5 2600 for several reasons first of all once you overclock the 2600 you will get pretty much the same performance as the 2600 X it just doesn't make any sense spending an extra 45 dollars to get the same thing in almost all the benchmarks the performance is nearly identical you can even overclock the CPU using the stock cooler it can easily hit anywhere from four to four point three gigahertz the second reason is that the 2600 is on par with the i3 8400 when it comes to 1440p gaming and it's 55 dollars cheaper than the i-5 so you're getting more bang for your buck the motherboard we're going with is the B 450 M it's a micro ATX board but it also has two PCI slots it's got support for two m dot 2 SSDs and four dimm slots it even has some wide UB lighting on the side and two additional RGB headers on the board this is a really popular microwave TX board and it's been sold up for a while now so make sure to check back after Christmas if you want to pick one up for RAM we're sticking with the usual eight gigs from team Vulcan at 3000 megahertz but once again and there is room for two additional sticks if needed for storage we're going with a simple one terabyte hard drive from WV once again guys I'm focusing more on gaming performance so feel free to throw it and then dot 2 or an SSD if you like now for the graphics card we're going with the our TX 2070 with this GPU you will either gain comfortably in 1440p over 60 FPS or if your gaming in 1080p you can expect average frames over 100 in max settings across most games according to the benchmarks the case I picked up for this build is the do case or do Cassie from deep cool I don't even know how you say that which is an all-white mid tower case and as a clear side panel with a single USB 3 port in the front and the case comes with 2 pre-installed fans there's a lot of good-looking cases out there between 50 and 60 dollars so this one doesn't look appealing to you then feel free to look around for something that does finally powering the build is a 650 watt power supply from Rosewill this is actually a really good price for a fully modular power supply that's gold certified this entire build will cost you a little over a thousand dollars before tax and shipping but it's a solid gaming and streaming PC which can also be used for productivity since it does have 6 cores and 12 threads so when the applications that utilize multiple cores will take advantage of this build that's been at least for my ballers out there we have a souped up gaming machine and that will keep you happy and satisfied for a long time and this is for anyone that wants to game comfortably in 4k resolution or someone that is looking for a PC that can handle heavy multi-core applications or maybe someone that wants both you can pretty much do anything with this configuration but you're gonna pay a pretty penny for it for starters we were throwing in the best gaming CPU in the market right now the 8 core 9900 K it doesn't beat the 8700 K by much but nonetheless if you're looking for the best of the best this is it when it comes to gaming we do need to cool this bad boy since we are going to overclock it the H 159 from Corsair should get the job done and it will look good doing it too the 240 millimeter radiator with RGB goodness I don't want to go completely overkill on the motherboard since we're not doing SLI or any crazy water cooling so the msi mag z 390 is actually the sweet spot when it comes to features design and price it pretty much has everything you need to build a high-end gaming PC for starters it has a 12 power phase delivery with two eight-penny PC connectors which will help in getting a smooth and stable orbit clock it also comes with wireless AC and some RGB lighting on the heatsink so a pretty solid board for the money now for RAM we're going with a total of 32 gigs at 32 hundred megahertz from the popular treinen z or RGB sticks for storage we do have some options this time around after all that is a high-end build so we're throwing in a 250 gigabyte m2 SSD which will have the operating system installed on we're also throwing in a one terabyte SSD for all the games and applications that we want to boot fast from and finally a 2 terabyte hard drive for all the junk and miscellaneous files the r-tx 20 80 TI is a no-brainer for this price point it's currently the fastest GPU at right now well aside from the Titan RT X but that's way over price right now but what the RT x 2080 TI you should be able to gain comfortably in 4k resolution over 60fps and most titles the case we're going with on this build is the H 500 P from Coolermaster which I've actually then I build in a while back on that channel one of the reasons why I really like this case other than the design is the airflow you get two massive 200 millimeter RGB fans in the front and a 140 millimeter fan in the rear it also has a PSU shroud any vertical GPU man there's just an all-around sexy case with really good airflow I mean we're gonna be overclocking both the CPU and GPU so airflow is gonna be really important in this build and finally powering all the components as the 1000 watt platinum-certified power supply from corsair this build is gonna cost you a little over three thousand dollars but what you're getting over here is a beast PC that can pretty much handle everything you throw at it once again I'll drop a link to all the parts mention in this video if you guys enjoyed it drop a like and if you didn't you know what to do thanks again for watching as always I will see you in the next one
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