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Gaming PC Builds - August 2017

thanks to Squarespace for making today's video possible what guys does in Texas and welcome to the pc build of the month for the month of August when we building the best gaming PC for around $600 and I'm going to change things up a bit and build an HTP CV for around $400 as always all the parts mentioned in this video will be linked down below so with that said let's begin so the first build is going to cost you around $600 we're throwing in the new rising 3 1200 CPU which is currently the best quad-core CPU you can buy right now for the money and it's only going to cost you 109 dollars and you guys can even overclock it to 3.9 gigahertz very easily with the included cooler we don't need a CPU cooler since it does come with one however we do need a solid board to overclock that bad boy and then what I picked up for the build is the MSI B 350 M micro ATX motherboard which cost only $70 I've used this one a few times before on the channel and I really liked it I had no problems using it and overclocking is very easy it supports up to 32 gigs of RAM features 1 m2 slots and 4 SATA ports it does have two DIMM slots however so I went with only one stick of RAM from crucial in case you guys need to upgrade later down the line for storage we are rocking the one and only one terabyte hard drive from WD which you can pick up for around 50 bucks we're also going to be pairing the rising 3 1200 with the GTX 1066 gigabyte variant this is the sweet spot for 1080p gaming if you don't want to hit any bottlenecking make sure to check out my bottlenecking video in case you guys missed it but if you guys want to play in 2k resolutions and you can even upgrade the GPU to a 1070 without a problem but if you're only playing 1080p games then I recommend sticking to the 1060 anything higher than that and you won't be getting your money's worth in case we are going with is the world's well srmo one which isn't the best looking case out there but we are trying to save some money and for $30 this is a solid option it's got a fun USB 3.0 port and a place to mount an extra 120 millimeter fan on the side for storage you have space for one SSD and two hard drives it does have a closed side tunnel which is great because you're not too worried about buying RGB lights or custom sleeves inside the PC to make them look good I always tell people if you're doing a budget build obviously get a case with a closed side panel because you have to spend extra money on RGB lights better-looking fans customers leaving and all that's going to cost money and kind of defeats the purpose of going with a budget build in the first place and finishing up the build is a 450 watt power supply from EVGA which is plenty of use so this entire bill is going to cost you about $600 and this is the best gaming PC that you can build for this price point in fact I might do a build using this exact same configuration in August and if you guys want to see a build guide and time-lapse be sure to let me know in the comments section and also leave a like so this next one is a home theater PC rocking the G 45 60 dual core processor and the reason why I went with this is because it handles h.265 decoding a lot better than other generation CPUs and you're also able to watch videos on Netflix and 4k without any problems unfortunately if you don't use a TV light processor you can't stream 4k on Netflix thanks Intel so we don't need a cooler since we are using the stock heatsink and since we don't need to overclock it we can pick up a budget motherboard the asrock h1 10m will get the job done as long as the BIOS has the updated version if it does then you don't need to flash it I actually bought one of these in February from new egg for my $350 PC build and it came out of the box with the new version installed which was awesome because I didn't have to flash it it's going to be a closed case build so I don't really care how ugly the RAM sticks look eight gigs of ram is more than plenty to run emulators play games or whatever it is that you guys need to do one terabyte of storage is a great place to start and if more is needed we can always throw in some later down the line the gtx 1050 from ZOTAC will supply just enough power if you want to do some gaming and 1080p obviously you're not going to get close to 60fps and max settings but some latter games like overwatch or even csgo shouldn't be a problem if you're not going to be gaming and instead you're going to use the HTPC for basic media like screaming or watching videos Netflix Kodi and even some emulators you can save $100 and not get a GPU the HD graphics 610 from the CPU is plenty just for that we're going to cram everything inside the tiny elite 110 case from Coolermaster for around $40 and powering the HTPC is a 450 watt power supply so this will cost you a little over $400 if you go with a dedicated GPU or $300 if you don't so before I head out and give huge thanks to Squarespace for making this video possible if you guys ever wanted to create your very own website but found it difficult to do so then you got to get Squarespace to try they make it extremely easy to create your very own website I mean even I to do it everything is practically drag-and-drop you guys don't need to know anything about coding and the customer service team is also really helpful and they respond very quickly in case you do run into any problems recently they added 16 new beautiful templates to choose from or you guys can even start from scratch kind of like what I did with my current website deal source tech and just for my subscribers out there you guys can get 10% off your first or if you visit slash tech stores I'll jump a link below but that's it for the video as always all the parts will be linked below if you guys enjoy these monthly PC builds make sure to leave a like to show your support if you guys don't like it feel free to dislike as well that is cool to think I so much for watching I love your necks and I'll see you in the next video
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