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Gaming PC Builds - July 2017

what's up guys as mtech toys and welcome to July's pc builds of the month I'm sorry for not doing one for June I was away on vacation for two weeks in Armenia so when I came back I just didn't have the time to squeeze one end for June but anyways I was reading over last episode's comments that a lot of you guys want a balanced gaming and editing PC around $1000 so I will be doing one of those in this episode and then it will be having some fun and build a high end overkill gaming and editing PC using the new skylake X platform something that is worthy enough to be on my desk I'm going to be calling it white or big whites I believe kind of like Big Red's brother or sister whatever you want to call it but anyways what that said let's go ahead and take a look at these configurations Guild of Heroes is not only the sponsor of this episode but they're given my subscribers an exclusive chest with 7,000 gold and some extra gear Guild of Heroes is a free to play action RPG game for both iOS and Android that lets you grind through levels battling mobs and bosses to level your character and pick up some dope loot in the process what I like about this game compared to other mobile RPG games is the fact that you can switch between the three characters without starting from the beginning the game has amazing graphics and it's pretty addicting it's also free to play so check it out guys I'll drop a link below as I mentioned before only for my subscribers they are giving away bonus chest with 7,000 gold an armor piece and a critical hit booster so the first build is a balanced gaming and editing rig featuring The Horizon 5 1606 core processor which is great for streaming and productivity whether you are doing some 3d modeling graphic design or just editing video it just doesn't make any sense spending more than double the price and going with a 6 core CPU from Intel at this point you get far better value with the 1600 compared to the 5820k or even 1,600 K the 1600 does come with its own cooler so we don't have to pick one up however we do need a solid motherboard for overclocking and recently I've been in love with the Azeroth ad 350 M which offers so much for only $80 a five-star rating on Newegg that comes at fordham slot seven USB 3.0 ports we had type C and type A support along with two MDOT two slots one of which supports PCI gen3 by four since this is a productivity PC as well I decided to throw in 16 gigs of ram instead of eight however there is two more slots left for future upgrade ability for storage I went with the usual one terabyte hard drive from WD however I did throw in a 240 gigabyte m2 from a data as well which will help tremendously with boot and loading times the EVGA gtx 1066 by brevis card will get you 1080p gaming and mac settings across most triple-a titles if you're lucky to find a cheap one with all the cryptocurrency crap that's going on right now the case I'm going with is the coarser carbide spec 0 4 which is a good-looking case for $50.00 it's a military chassis with tons of cable management support and a tinted side panel the only reason I went with a 600 watt power supply is because it's literally the same price as a 500 watt power supply from EVGA however it's only available at Best Buy for pickups so the price might vary if you guys don't have a Best Buy near you so the total comes out to a little over 900 dollars and this is the build I would go with if I were to build my friend a Productivity and gaming PC it's perfect for making youtube videos streaming on Twitch and gaming of course however if you guys are looking for just a gaming PC then you should check out my Mays PC build of a month because in one of the builds I did a $900 gaming PC with a 7600 K and a gtx 1070 so for on the same price as the one in this video you guys getting more powerful gaming pc so check that out I'll drop a link below the next one is called a big white and it's rocking the new AI 970 900 x10 core processor from Intel and I would go the 24 option but that's not available yet we got to keep the temps cool while we overclock this bad boy so we're going to be going with the cursor h 100 IV 2 which is my personal favorite a i/o cooler on the market right now and since we're not on a budget and I'm going with an all-white build the asus prime deluxe with an obvious choice perfect for overclocking these 7900 X to its full potential plus it looks badass we're going with 64 gigs of the Corsair Vengeance lpx RAM sticks because why not plus we can change the lights to white to match the color scheme of the build when it comes to storage we are using the samsung 960 pro one terabyte m2 as the main drive along with the Seagate 10 terabytes Barracuda for mass storage I also throw in 2 960 gigabyte SSDs for a raid 0 configuration because why not and we're not stopping there nope we are going with too-tight MX PS from Nvidia because it won't be an overkill build without them I'm going to be using the Corsair 570 X RGB case because I think that this all white color scheme would look amazing in this old glass mid tower case from Corsair a 1,000 watt power supply should be enough to power this build and I'm obviously going to be throwing in some custom sleep cables some back plates and even paint the Titan X's in white so that the entire build looks stunning you guys already know we got to do with the tech source wave and this would actually be my first all-white build on the channel but what do you guys think let me know your thoughts in the comments below as always I'll drop a link to all the parts I talked about down below and let me know what you guys want to see for next month's episode by leaving a comment below as well but that about wraps up this video if you guys enjoyed these types of videos be sure to leave a like to show your support if you don't like them feel free to dislike as well I'll be dropping a link to all the parts I talked about in the description section and also guys let me know in the comment section what I should focus on for the next episode as always and stay tuned guys because this month I'm going to be doing a high-end x $2.99 build using the core i9 processor it's going to be a very sick build I can't wait to bring you guys that I'm partnering with MSI and courser to make that happen well anyways I love you guys thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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