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Gaming PC Builds - May 2017

what's up guys it's that from tech source and welcome to maze PC builds I do this every single month they're basically theoretical builds in case you guys missed my last month's video I'll drop a link to it down below I did some pretty cool Rison 5 configurations so make sure to check that out if you are interested so I decided to spice things up a bit in this video and decide to go with a high-end overkill build actually this is my personal build I'm calling it big red version 2 and this is the build I'm going to be water cooling as well but in this video I'm going to make everything a lot simpler and just exclude all the extra water cooling gear and stay with air cooled parts so big red version 2 it's going to cost around $7 $7 $7,000 with all of the mods and custom bag plates and painting and all that stuff so it's going to be pretty pretty ridiculous build I'm also gonna be putting in a $900 balanced intel build so that said let's start off so we're going with the very popular 7600 k quad core processor which is perfect for gaming but we're going to be overclocking this so we do need a capable CPU cooler that won't break the bank the CM 212 Evo has proven to be the king of value and for only $25 it will get the job done while keeping the system fairly quiet in the process we do need a Z 270 board for overclocking of course and one of the best ones if not the best board out there for about $100 is the MSI mode R which is a micro ATX board it does support crossfire so if you're planning on running to AMD GPUs and this will get the job done for you unfortunately it doesn't support sli so Nvidia users are only limited to one GPU then again it is a micro ATX board around $100 it also features four dimm slots and supports memory up to 3,800 megahertz and dual channel it has six SATA ports one m dot two and it also got three USB 3.1 type-a ports and one type C and finally it's Intel obtained memory ready and for only 105 dollars you honestly get a lot of features for round we are going with the usual two sticks of four gigabytes from g.skill for around $60 and since the motherboard does have four dimm slots you can actually add extra RAM down the line if you like it does feature a number two slot so we are taking advantage of that and we're going with the Intel 600 T series 128 gigabyte m2 which we will use as the main drive for the OS and also anything else that you guys want installed on it for fast loading times however we also added a one terabyte hard drive from WD 4 mass storage again I want to emphasize that storage is always subjective and you can go with however much space you want that will meet your needs the GPU we are starting off with is the 1066 cube by variants from EVGA and this is the super clock version which will easily get you over 60 FPS and max settings for 1080p gaming if you want something more powerful or wants a gaming 2k resolution I suggest bumping up the card to eight ten seventy we do have it like in wet theme going on with the motherboard and RAM stick colors so I decided to keep that color scheme and pick up the NZXT s340 case which works beautifully with this configuration and finally powering this entire build is the EVGA 500 watt power supply which is plenty but if you're going to be upgrading to a 1070 later down the line I suggest picking up at least a 600 watt power supply once again this build will cost you a little under $900 and I think it's a very solid and balanced gaming PC with lots of room for upgrades in the future and finally we got big red version 2 or v2 whatever you want to call it I haven't upgraded or we built big red and over three years for those of you haven't followed me for such a long time big red was my original custom PC that I built for myself I custom painted on GPUs everything was such a beast PC I'll double into the video in case you guys missed it but I think it's time to finally build myself a PC I've been using I buy power for the past I think six months now but it's ready I'm ready to move on the only reason I've been kind of hesitant to move forward with this build is because the x99 chipset it's kind of outdated and I've been waiting for skylake X which is the new platform and they're going to be really seeing six core eight core even ten core processors in Computex this year so I'm kind of waiting for that before I pull the trigger on this because otherwise I'll feel pretty upset if I do go with this build and spend all this money on it and then the better a newer 10 core processor would come out from Intel so that is why I'm patiently waiting so these will be the specs of my next gaming PC unless skylake X comes out within the next few months so we got these 1690 the x10 core processor because I mostly edit videos compared to gaming and I always want the best in my personal PC we do need a solid cooler to keep the temps down as well as get some high clocks which is why I picked up the be quiet silent luke 280 which will also keep the PC nice and quiet keep in mind that this will be the cooler I would go with if I don't water cool the PC the motherboard of choice is the gigabyte GA x99 ultra gaming and it has all the bells and whistles I can ask for in a high-end build also the color scheme is perfect for what I'm going with you guys know that black and red is my gotu color scheme and it's kind of getting a bit old to be honest and I want to change things up a bit so I'm actually adding a third color in which is white so it's going to be a white and black build with some red accents speaking of red accents I'm going to be picking up 64 gigs of ram from G skill training Z at a clock speed of 32 hundred megahertz which obviously I will be overclocking for storage I'm going with a one terabyte 960 pro m2 SSD from Samsung and a 10 terabyte hard drive from Seagate which will satisfy all of my storage needs at least I hope so it's no surprise that I'm going with to Titan XPS simply because I want the most power and my build even though I'm probably not going to even use them to its full potential now these are the new Titan XPS that were recently announced by Nvidia which are actually a lot faster than their 1080p is the case I'm going with is the NZXT s340 which is still even till today one of my favorite cases of all time and I'm going with a white one because of the new color scheme and by only powering this entire build is the corsair ax 1500 i power supply which probably is overkill since I really only need around a thousand watts for this build but hey why not the entire bill will cost me around six thousand six hundred dollars not including all the extra mods and fans that I will be buying to build a beautiful PC you guys already know this if it doesn't stand out it's not 8x or spc but that is it for this video as always if you guys enjoy these monthly theoretical PC bills leave a like if you don't like the series make sure to leave a dislike that is cool 2w all the parts mentioned down below thank you guys so much for watching I love your faces and I'll see you in the next one
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