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Gaming PC Builds for July - 2016

never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below what's up guys it's ed from tech source and welcome to the build of the month for July this time we're gonna be focusing on the new rx 480 graphics cards and if you guys somehow missed my benchmark video and my gameplay video I'll drop a link to them down below along with all of the parts afford these builds so let's go ahead and start so the first build is a $600 gaming PC rockin the FX 6350 with AMD's new wrath cooler with 6 cores clocked at 3.9 gigahertz it will definitely be plenty enough for any game out there and it's also great for productivity whether you're editing 1080p video or 4k the multi-threaded performance is something you can take advantage of since the 6350 comes with AMD's new CPU cooler which is both quieter and cooler than a previous stock heatsink it doesn't make sense to spend extra for a third-party cooler for the motherboard we went with the gigabyte G a 970 a simply because it offers the best performance for the money right now you can get it for $62 after a mail-in rebate and it features an 8 plus to power phase design and supports overclocking for round we are sticking with the usual eight gigs from crucial which is simply the best value you can get on a pair of 4 gigabyte sticks and for storage we are going with only one terabyte of hard drive space from Seagate obviously storage is optional and guests can add an SSD or increase the capacity of the hard drive altogether for the graphics card we are going with the 4 gigabyte variant of the rx 480 that retails for $200 and using up everything as the EVGA 500 watt power supply which is plenty if you want to go with this build and maybe add an extra Oryx 480 down the line then I would suggest picking up a 600 watt power supply instead and finally the case to bring this bill to life is the deep cool tesseract and red with a side panel to show off that graphics card this entire PC will cost you around 580 bucks before tax and shipping as always please remember that prices fluctuate so depending on when you're watching this video the total cost would be either cheaper or more expensive and for our next build another gaming rig featuring two rx4 ATS at an i7 6,700 since we're not doing any overclocking we are just sticking with the stock heatsink and going with the A's rock z170a motherboard which is currently one of the best bang for your buck z170 boards you can buy under 100 bucks for round we are going with 2 4 gigabyte sticks from g.skill and red and for storage we have a 2 terabyte hard drive from Seagate we're also adding a 120 gigabyte SSD from Kingston which is where the OS will be installed on - along with the other important applications that require a fast start up juicing everything up is the EVGA 600 watt power supply which is more than enough assuming you're not going to be overclocking them and finally the case of choice is the Coursera spec or one read to complete the overall black and red build so that will do it for the video as always you guys can find the parts for these pcs linked below and also let me know what price range I should work on for my next month's PC builds by dropping a comment down below if you guys enjoy these monthly PC builds make sure you like to show your support and don't forget about my actual physical builds happening every month on the channel so make sure you guys are subscribed then guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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