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Gaming PC Builds for June - 2016

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to Joon's PC builds this time going to be looking at three different builds and focus more on the new GPUs like the AMD are x 480 gtx 1070 and the 1080 so with that said let's begin so our first build is a $500 budget gaming pc featuring the new RX 480 for the cpu i went with the FX 6300 6 core processor which is excellent for any game and also pretty good for editing as well since we're sticking with a budget of under 500 bucks we're not going to be picking up a cooler or a more powerful motherboard capable of handling overclocking so instead I picked up the asrock 970 m pro 3 which has all the features you would expect from my budget board including an onboard USB 3.0 header for ram i went with two sticks of 4 gigabytes of 1600 megahertz from crucial we also have one terabyte of hard drive space from Seagate and an EVGA 430 watt power supply to juice everything up and finally the our X 480 graphics card which is going to be priced at $1.99 which is set to have enough power for VR and of course I will be doing my usual benchmarks when I get my hands on one so make sure you guys stick around for that housing all of these parts as the Xeon xon 310 micro ATX tower that goes for only 22 bucks after shipping I mean it definitely doesn't look dope but I went with it simply because it has a USB 3.0 port in the front of the case and it's incredibly low price you could even get the case for $18.00 after a five dollar bail in rebate so this entire build will cost you four eighty four and ninety five cents before tax and shipping and this is a solid PC for gaming and high settings over 60 fps for most games as always please keep in mind the prices always change so depending on when you're watching this video this build may be cheaper or more expensive also go and leave all the links to these builds down below if you guys want to check them out now let's take a look at a mid-range build with a single gtx 1070 so for this we're going with the i-5 6500 and the gtx 1070 which is said to be 380 bucks MSRP depending on which brand you go with but for the sake of pricing I will stick with the cheapest option we're not gonna be able to clocking which is why when to be 6,500 and H 110 motherboard so we didn't need to spend money on a cooler I also went with 8 gigabytes of RAM from g.skill ripjaws 2 terabytes of hard drive space from Seagate and a 500 watt power supply from EVGA to power everything up and finally for the case I went for something a little nicer the cooler master and 200 with a front USB 3.0 port as always the case selection is completely optional and you guys can swap that out for something that fits your needs the total cost of is built is eight hundred eighteen dollars and forty nine cents before tax and shipping and will get you a very solid gaming experience over 60 FPS on most triple-a games and high settings it will also handle editing and rendering very well and finally let's go a little crazy and build an ultimate gaming machine with 210 ATS now if I want to build myself a PC it will look something like this a 59 30 K paired with the Asus x99 a motherboard and a be quite a dark walk pro 3 to keep the temps low and the PC very quiet after overclocking I would go with the Asus Strix GT X 1080 because of the awesome cooler design and the more performance it offers compared to the founders Edition for RAM 16 gigabytes of Corsair Vengeance will do the trick and for storage I would go with dual 2 terabyte hard drives from Seagate and an Intel 750 series pcie-based SSD for my operating system juicing up everything as the cursor our FX 850 watt power supply and it's all packed inside the fractal define s case this entire build will cost you 28 95 and 16 cents which is pretty steep but you are building something that will last you for years this PC is also great for editing and gaming in 4k and VR as well so that is it for this month's bill did you guys enjoy these videos make sure to leave a like and let me know what other builds I should work on from my next month by leaving a comment down below hey guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next video
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