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Gaming PC Builds of the Month - March 2017

what's up guys is that some sex toys and I got two really cool PC bills for the month of March for you guys so the first one's gonna be $1,000 rise in editing and gaming mini ITX PC and the second one's going to be $1,550 Intel gaming PC also it's going to be mini ITX and just a reminder guys these videos are only to help you come up with your ideas on your next gaming PC they are not physical builds in fact my monthly PC bills still will continue that's nothing to do with these packs of videos but anyways with that said let's go ahead and dive right in to the rise in editing PC so we're going with the r7 1700 because the chroma offers the best value when it comes to any eight core processor make sure you guys check out my comparison video I did in case you missed it it does come with their race spire LED cooler so we don't need to pick one up but in order to overclock it we do need either a 370 or a 350 board so in this case we're going with the MSI be 350 am gaming pro which will get the job done and since we got a black and red motherboard we have to stick with the color scheme which is why we are picking up to 8 gigabyte sticks from G scale totaling 16 gigs of DDR 4 memory after all this is an editing PC and the more RAM you pick up the better it is alternatively you can always pick up only one stick of 16 gigs instead if you want to add another 16 gigabyte stick later down the line since the motherboard only has two DIMM slots but keep in mind that the resuit gigabyte is the maximum memory that's supported for storage you got a few options so the main drive we're going with the a data to 40 gigabytes m2 which currently has the best bang for your buck most of them tattoos at 240 gigabyte of space start at $100 so this is a pretty solid deal for 560 megabyte read and 520 megabytes right and for mass storage the usual 1 terabytes WD hard drive will do just fine the EVGA gtx 760 super clock 60 divided very improve i'd enough firepower for gaming over 60 FPS high settings than 1080 resolution powering this entire build is a 500 watt power supply from EVGA which has plenty of juice and finally the case we're going with is the thermaltake core v 21 mini tower in fact both pcs in this video are going to be using the same k a portable yet powerful editing and gaming rig that's only gonna cost you guys $988 from the time of making this video as always all the parts will be linked below but let's move on to our next PC I'm calling this one Snow White on steroids it's still using the thermaltake mini ITX tower but this one is the core v1 and it's in white because this entire build is going to have a white color scheme we're going with the 7-inch 700k quad core processor and repairing that with the azrog z 270 ITX motherboard and we're going to overclock it obviously so we need a solid cooler I went with the deep cool 120 X because not only doesn't match the color scheme and let soap ask but it will get the job done and keep the temps really cool I overclocked a 7700 K to 5 gigahertz using this exact same cooler for one of my subscriber builds a few weeks back I highly recommend it sticking with the color scheme we are going to rock to 4 gigabyte 6 from crucial at 2400 megahertz and for storage we are going with these same parts as the previous build da data to 40 gigabytes m dot 2 and 1 terabyte hard drive from WC again don't worry about the m dots you messing with your build because the motherboard features a vertical m dot 2 mounting solution so it won't be visible the motherboard also has some white and silver accents so it's going to contribute to the beautiful all-white build this wouldn't be snow white on steroids without a GTX 1080 so why not put the best GPU out there in a tiny build like this now obviously this is optional you guys can put in any GPU that fits your budget here instead the power supply we are using is the NZXT Hale 80 to 700 watts which is fully modular because we are trying to keep the cable management very clean in this tiny Tower and we don't need all those the necessary PSU cables it's also white which matches the build but it's not really going to be visible in this case anyways so this will cost you around $1,550 give or take if you guys enjoy these two bills consider leaving a like and if you didn't feel free to dislike and if you guys want to see a similar builder to Snow White let me know in the comment section down below I actually want to do a pretty overpowered PC in such a tiny case on the channel so I think I'll be pretty cool for next month also let me know in the comments section if you guys want to see a specific type of bit old for next month PC builds whether it's budget related color scheme related or whatever thing guys so much watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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