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Gaming on a 4K HDR Projector is INSANE! - Viewsonic PX747

building a home theater system or a gaming setup can be very pricey especially if you're using a traditional TV but ever since Texas Instruments released matrix chip we've seen an influx of affordable 4k projectors in the market however the brightest and the most affordable one you can purchase right now is this the viewsonic px 747 a sub $1300 4k projector that was sent to us by viewsonic to review considering the 4k claim it might seem too good to be true and somewhat it is the actual image is 1920 by 1080 but what the Texas Instruments chip enabled was pixel shifting a clever trick that shifts the red and blue sensors by fractions of a pixel to create a sharper image although I've heard from other sources that there is a slight difference when looking at the viewsonic image side-by-side with a true 4k projector but those usually run a few thousand dollars more now if somebody told me that this was a true 4k projector honestly I wouldn't even know the image is so sharp that I couldn't even tell the difference now fortunately the projector does not come with built-in Wi-Fi however it does have a wide variety of connections on the back we get audio in and out ports VGA HDMI and a mini USB along with a few other ports the projector also has a 12-volt trigger which can be used with a motorized screen so when the projector gets powered on the screen will automatically lower which is pretty cool also on the back of the projector you'll find Kensington lock which is great if you want to use this at a classroom or office to secure the projector and on the top there is two wheels what is four zoom and the others for focus also up here we got a few buttons we got one for power as well as a few other options if you want to change settings right from the projector however it does come with a backlit remotes although it's not the prettiest remote out there it does give you quick access to some settings you can change on the fly instead of reaching to the projector to do it so on both sides of the projector you'll find the Vance and it's for the built-in fans inside and they do ramp up as you begin using the projector over time however if you're playing games or watching content on it you hardly even hear that alright taking a look on the bottle of projector you will find two adjustable feet which lets you adjust the height and as well as mounting points if you do decide to mount this on the ceiling for example guys you can project up to 300 inches which is just mind-blowing you can make your very own private home theater system assuming you even have that much space on your wall to use unfortunately I don't have a wall big enough in my office or back at my home to utilize the full 300 inches this thing gets up to 3,500 lumens which makes it one of the brightest we have seen what this means for the user is that you can use it during both daytime and nighttime but at higher brightness levels the colors do get a little washed out so make sure to watch out for that so the lap inside this theme can last up to 15,000 hours and that's using super eco mode which also lowers the brightness now if you're watching content with maximum brightness the entire time then that lowers the lifespan to around 4,000 hours alright so let's talk gaming I'm gonna take this downstairs to the gaming then load up a fortnight and Uncharted on my ps4 Pro and see how it handles while gaming hi guys so I'm playing for now right now and it looks incredible the cool thing about this is that I don't even notice any input lag which is crazy considering the size of the projection so yeah guys if you game on your TV you're not gonna tell the difference and input lag switching over to this projector unless you have a crappy TV then it's gonna be a lot quicker all right now the audio quality on the projector is pretty bad it's a 10 watt speaker and let me actually increase it to max that's max it doesn't even get that loud and the quality is not even great so I do strongly recommend using an external audio source for example for us setup we are using an LG sound bar and it sounds so much better another thing you get what the projector is HDR so if you're watching HDR content or playing HDR games you're gonna take advantage of that amazing dynamic range you get deeper blacks vivid colors needless to say if you combine all that with the sound bar it makes the entire viewing experience that much more immersive the blacks are deep but it won't compare to an OLED or even other projectors at a higher price point and out of the box the colors we're a little washed out but that was easily fixed by tweaking the color profile since the image is being projected on a wall and not being displayed on a panel just like traditional TVs there's gonna be no color shifting so you can pretty much watch this from any angle and there will be no distortion so what types of content can you consume with the projector honestly is pretty much supports anything that has HDMI anything from console gaming to PC you can even hook up your Roku or fire TV or even just your cable box or if you have DirecTV or Time Warner you connected via HDMI and you're pretty much good to go as someone who's never used a 4k projector for consuming content or especially playing games I gotta say it was a positive experience overall switching over from a standard TV the image quality really impressed me you get a screen size up to 300 inches in a portable form factor but who's this projector for exactly well first of all I want to say that it's not for people looking to replace their current TV it's more for people that want to build this awesome entertainment or even a home theater system right in their room someone who has the necessary space on their wall to take advantage of the massive 300 inches and also somewhere that you can control the lighting imagine having a projector set up and inviting your friends or guests over that's pretty awesome to be honest if you got the space and room for it and you do plan on using it multiple times a week then this would be a really nice upgrade to your current home but if you're not gonna be using it as constantly and you don't have the space for it then it would be a waste of money to buy it but anyways that does it for my review of the viewsonic px 747 if you guys want to check it out I'll drop a link to it down below thanks so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next one
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