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Gaming on my Not-So-Perfect Gaming PC - Finale

alright guys so my dream PC is finally done it was a long journey per usual but I definitely think it paid off in the end I did take extra time to perfect it instead of brushing it out like last time and not be happy with it this videos gonna be pretty chill we're just gonna go over temperatures overclocking performance and we're gonna play Apex legends on LG's new sexy ultra wide gaming monitors so yeah what that said let's get into it your CD Keys having a summer sale right now with awesome deals on their windows and office products you guys can get a Windows 10 Pro key for less than $15 - an extra 20% off using the code ts 20 make sure to click the link below if you're interested so one of the things I always try and do with my own personal pcs when it comes to my own PC that I use back at home for gaming or editing I always try and be different I don't like using mainstream PC cases that you guys see so many builds in I like to find something that's unique something that you guys don't see often or don't see at all so that's why this case fit the profile it looks amazing and it's unique I mean yeah I get it this case is far from perfect you know keeping it clean from dust and dirt is gonna be a very tedious task and also draining the system and we feeling it it's gonna be very annoying because I do have to remove all three of the side panels just to access the drain port and the fill port near the top rez there is six screws holding just the top glass panel and then four on each of the side panels so ya convenience is definitely not its strongest suit but the biggest issue with this case and I found that about this after I was done with the build of course it has to do with the top glass panel and I'll talk more about it when get into thermals so specs wise I did overclock my deleted 79 80 XE 18 core processor to 4.6 gigahertz on all cores and it's running on 1.2 volts I also have a clock both graphics cards we got 70 megahertz offset on the boost clock and 500 megahertz on the memory in terms of temps the CPU idles between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius while both GPUs are sitting on their 40 degrees now here's where things get interesting unload the GPU Peaks at 70 degrees Celsius which is unusually hot the bottom GPU is pretty much useless because the games I play don't support SLI so it's pretty much doing nothing for now until then Vidya adds support later down the line I know that founders Edition r-tx 20 atti is run pretty hot even underwater but 70 degrees is still pretty high that's only seven degrees less than air at first I thought maybe I messed up on the thermal paste application or maybe I didn't tighten the screws enough and the thermal paste wasn't coming in contact with the GPU block so I went ahead and took them apart and sure enough there was nothing wrong with them so either way I went and reapplied thermal paste and slapped them back on I did make sure this time around to put a radiator between each block so the flow direction right now I have is the pump goes directly to both the GPUs from the GPU to the top red top rad to the CPU block and the CPU block to the second rad and then back into the reservoir and then ladies and gentlemen I realized that I overlooked something so simple something that was right in front of my eye sockets the top radiator is not getting enough airflow because there is maybe a centimeter of space if that probably a lot less between the top rad and the top glass and I did have some concerns building in it but I kind of brushed it off because I thought you know I got two full size three sixty millimeter radiators it's gonna be fine it's not gonna really affect temps as much but well what do you know any cold air that's supposed to go through the radiator and escape to the top is either being trapped up there and being bounced back and I know this because there was a lot of air being pushed back if I put my hand over here I can a lot of air it's almost as if these fans were flipped upside down and now they're being used as exhaust I mean that's how much air I'm feeling on this hand way more than the air coming out from the sides here I've also noticed that this radiator is way more warmer than the radiator on the side so that pretty much proves my point that the top rad is essentially being starved of air unfortunately this leaves me no choice I have to scratch this entire build and build myself a new one I'm just joking obviously there's no way I'm replacing this beast especially after it took all this time and effort to build it there's only really one option left for me and that is to cut a new piece of glass with a rectangular cutout where the radiator would be that way the hot air can escape and cold air can circulate through it unfortunately I can't cut this glass because I was told that if you cut tempered glass then it's gonna shatter into a million pieces so I reached out to this local company here in Santa Clarita and I sent over the drawings so they're gonna reach out to me let me know if they can do something like this but if not it's not a big deal I mean the PC runs perfectly fine it's stable there's no thermal throttling it doesn't crash I'm just gonna have to deal with unusually higher temps than normal but anyways with that said I think it's time to finally start gaming on this beast and see what it can do on LG's new ultra light gaming monitor so this thing has a 34 40 by 1440p curved IPS display with 120 Hertz refresh rate and gsync support it pretty much has the same specs as my all tried back at home but with a higher refresh rate and a faster response time at 5 milliseconds all right apex legends let's do the settings we are rockin 34 40 by 1440 everything else is pretty much maxed out as you can see let's do this for sheree jump down first thing I've already noticed guys is the temps for the GPU dip down to 66 67 degrees just by removing the top panel so we're getting three to four degrees cooler just by moving the top panel so my suspicions were correct also I gotta say this game looks amazing in this resolution if you guys haven't had a chance to play in an ultra-wide on apex legends or any game really you gotta give it a shot because it looks so sweet they always say once you go ultra wide you don't go back so twenty-one by now in sweats that guys frame wise we're not doing too bad we're getting anywhere from seventy to eighty FPS do keep in mind we're playing on a high resolution 34 40 by 1440 which is somewhere between 4k and 2k actually on a side note if any of you play apex legends on the PC hit me up I'm looking for some pro players to carry my noob ass to victory I'll add my username on the screen if you guys would add me don't you hate it when you call your own care package and then your teammate just swoops in and steals all your gear thanks dude appreciate that honestly I think what I'm just gonna end up doing is just keeping the top glass panel off instead of having a bendy one made I just gotta get over how amazing this game looks honestly what I thought that was my I thought that was my friend oh my god so that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it thumbs up if you did and if you didn't you know what to do consider subscribing if you want to see more awesome PC builds like these I did hear about Amy's new announcement on their rising 5 and 9 CPUs as well as their what is it fifty seven hundred XT GPU which I'll be using in a few builds coming up as well anyway thanks again for watching I love your beautiful faces oh yeah by the way all the parts used in this build will be linked below as well as the ultrawide monitor thanks again for watching and I will see you guys in the next video peace
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