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Gaming on the Samsung 43" SUPER Ultrawide Curved Monitor - CJ89

what's happening guys it's a text honest and right here in front of me is Samsung's newest ultrawide monitor this is the CJ 89 it's a 43 inch ultra wide curved monitor and I'm so excited to check it out so with that said let's unbox it set it up and take it for a test drive most of you longtime subscribers out there actually know that I currently have an ultra-light monitor and I switched over from a multi-monitor setup to three years ago and since then I've never looked back I love that thing it's great for gaming it's awesome for productivity so when Samsung reached out to me to sponsor this video and send this out to me I did not hesitate at all oh okay I think I'm gonna have to stand up for this part there's a lot of stuff in here so let's get all this out of the box well quick where she is all right so these are the accessories that came with the box obviously got the base then you got the neck piece this is the back cover to cover up the ports I'm guessing and inside this box you have the cables got a USB type-c and this is the bracket used to hook up the monitor against the wall or a monitor arm itself so I don't think we'll be using this in this video however all right it's put together the monitor and take it for a test drive so ladies gentlemen here it is the super ultra ride from Samsung this thing is almost as wide as my wingspan it's insane you know at one point you gotta stop and ask yourself how wide is to wide at what point is it gonna be enough and I feel like we're gonna find that out in this video so there's a couple things I noticed in the back it's got a base amount which is great because this thing is massive and it'll take up a lot of space on your desk so having the option of mounting this thing to a wall or a compatible monitor arm is a great idea also back here we have a ton of quartz we got the usual HDMI display but we also have a couple of USB ports and two additional type-c ports these ports will allow you to hook up anything that has a USB type-c connection it could be a tablet a phone or even a laptop and it will not only charge the device but it can even display content from it at the same time as far as adjustments this can actually rotate quite a bit to get that perfect angle assuming you're using the base then of course it is height adjustable as well so this is all the way to the top and this is all the way to the bottom the only thing you can't do is tilt the monitor well I guess you can tilt it a little bit just to make sure that the monitor is even with the desk but you know what we should hook this up to my PC and take it for an actual test drive alright let's do this Oh what this is insane I can already see this being so perfect for productivity there's so much space to work with actually speaking of productivity let's open up Vegas Pro my editing software and see what it looks like oh my god this is insane I could fit the entire timeline for one project on one screen I don't have to scroll left and right for it I can see everything this is insane and I have some extra space on there right here wow this is going to increase my productivity flow so much this is insane so it's interesting the monitor back at home I'm able to split the screen comfortably in half so I usually have a window open on the left and then a window open on the right but what these Samsung all tried I'm able to have three full windows open guys got my Twitter over here I got my YouTube and an extra window in the middle to do whatever I want so the monitor comes with five watt speakers located on the bottom here let's actually test it out and see how they sound like okay okay yeah they don't sound bad they're nice and bacey that got decent highs they don't get that loud this is actually max volume on this from the YouTube player and the actual monitor itself but four built-in speakers actually not that bad all right let's see how gaming is on a super ultra wide I'll start off with a shooter game like csgo and I want to see how immersive it really is and if the extra width really gives you an advantage in shooter games so let's load this up obviously practicing with bots because I cannot play csgo if my life depended on it okay wow this is actually much wider than I expected I can definitely see more on my sides than before now this can be a good thing or a bad thing because that just means there's more horizontal space to move left and right so aiming at enemies for example might take some extra time if that makes any sense because there is more horizontal movement but the advantage is you can actually see a lot more so I can stand over here and I can see from one side of the wall all the way to the other this is crazy it feels like the monitor is wrapping around my face it's really cool and I feel like this is perfect for people that are always looking to get that immersive experience like this is so trippy I can see the sides using that peripheral vision so I'm just looking straight and I can see what's going on on the sides let's give pub G a try first thing I actually notice as my body's cut in half I'm guessing because of the super wide resolution they had to compress the screen or something but that is pretty interesting so the resolution on this monitor is 3840 by 1200 and because it's 43 inches diagonally you get a 32 by 10 aspect ratio unfortunately it doesn't come with neither g-sync or free sync however to compensate for that it has a hundred 20 Hertz of fresh weight 5 millisecond response time panel which is awesome for gaming on the productivity side of things the panel also has 8-bit color support 99% srgb coverage and a maximum brightness of 300 nits without a doubt you're getting an advantage playing on this super ultra wide monitor compared to people who are playing on a regular one I mean just look how much more you can see just by glancing around you don't have to move your mouse so you can easily spot enemies and quickly react to them this is I feel like in a way it's kind of cheating yeah I don't see how this is fair compared to people are using a traditional aspect ratio I mean there is just there is so much more content it's insane now you might be asking yourself Edie I can't do an ultra-right I'm sorry I do need to separate monitors because I need to separate inputs maybe you're a screamer maybe you have an extra console on the side and you like to switch between both of them well the Samsung super alt-right actually has an option where you can hook up two separate devices on the left is what my PC is connected to and on the right is what my laptop is connected to via HDMI you can also use the USB type-c connection in the back if you don't want to use the HDMI now if you go through the menu section you can actually even resize this entire second input so if I go on their menu you're on their size you can set it to two other options you can do fullscreen you can do I think this is 25% and the corner over there or slightly larger and obviously you can change the position of that as well so for example if I wanted it on the bottom right so it doesn't get in the way of things I can leave it right there so for example if I'm streaming right now this would be perfect because now I can look at chat and I can browse the internet I can go on my Twitter feed whatever it is at the same time gaming so doesn't interrupt me so this would be like the ideal streamers setup if they were only using a single ultra ride instead of a multi-monitor setup another really cool feature about this monitor is that it comes on I'm so sorry oh my god so as I was saying I'm not a cool feature is the ice saver mode and that pretty much reduces the amount of blue light being emitted from the panel and it's gonna help with your eye fatigue and of course less stress on your eyes and you can access that easily within the Menu button down here just two little buttons and then you can see a filter is being applied on your gameplay obviously changes the colors and stuff like that but it's gonna help with overall fatigue so if you're playing for long hours at a time it might be worth it to put it on say that guys I've pretty much played with this thing the entire day and I've decided that I'm gonna replace my ultra light back at home so once I do that I'm gonna completely redo my setup and then bring you guys a setup tour before the see your end so make sure that that thumbs up on if you guys are excited and that also does it for this video so I hope you guys enjoyed it a huge thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this video and sending out the CJ 89 for me to test that absolutely love it if you guys want to check it out it is coming out early September for $1000 and there is also a 32 inch version coming out late August thanks again for watching as always and I'll see you in the next one
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