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Get Your Samsung Gear Running on Any Device

last year we saw the birth of consumer wearables more specifically smartwatches now what Samsung releasing its gear to they've solved a lot of shortcomings from the gear one but sadly they released this year's model still locked into the galaxy line of devices fortunately we have figured out a way to get all the gears working on pretty much any Android device so in this video we are going to show you guys how you can get it to work with your Android devices so the first thing you're going to want to do is download the file that is linked in the description down below this is a ported version of the gear manager app of a Samsung device once downloaded you're going to want to transfer it to your smartphone I put the file into the download folder but you can put it anywhere you like once transferred go back to your phone then open up a file explorer i'm using the ES file explorer in the video which can be downloaded from the Play Store for free but you can use any other file explorer that you find within the Play Store go on and navigate to the folder you put the app in in my case it was the download folder now if you try and install it it won't let you you have to go into your settings and enable the installation of applications from unknown sources now the ma took us there but if your phone doesn't just navigate to the security tab in your settings menu and enable it through there now we can install gear manager without a problem just follow the installation guide and you will be set but don't get too excited as there is still a couple of things left to be installed but first let's pair the gear with our new gear enabled smartphone one thing to note here is if you were using your gear previously with another device it will reset itself deleting all data once it's done wiping itself which should take around five minutes you will be ready to pair your smartphone with the gear when booted up we can start following the installation guide on our phone just click on the available gear device and before it can pair you will need to install a few more things that allow for compatibility the cool thing is you don't have to look for these they automatically present themselves and all you have to do is follow the installation guide and you are done once completed your phone and gear will start to connect to one another as you can see here you can indeed control the gear from a non Samsung device here we are changing the wallpapers and clock design on the gear from our m8 one thing to know is that notifications are not supported yet we will try and find the fix and when we do expect to see another video on that all other functionality is present though like taking pictures and having them automatically transfer and even taking phone calls on the gear from your phone the SmartWatch offerings from Samsung are probably the best out there right now and it sucked that they were exclusive to Samsung devices only well I'm glad that we have found a fix to this and now you can use your gear SmartWatch with a smartphone of your choice if you run into any problems or have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section down below as we always read our comments also don't forget to leave a like if this helped you out this is that from Texas and I will see you next time member
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