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Getting Settled In My New Home! | VLOG #17

so yeah the vlogs are back what's up guys is that from tech Soros and welcome back to the vlog that all it's been a long time coming but there's a lot of exciting stuff happening and I want to make sure I get it on camera for those of you who enjoyed my vlogs months and months ago I'd even know when the last vlog was even uploaded but anyways as you guys can see them kind of situated in my new place I will give you guys a tour once most of the things are settled down there's a lot of stuff that's happening today one of the things actually I want to do is kind of fix up my setup because we're now looking a little janky and the reason why it will be done much to it is because I'm getting in these debts and instead of working on a cable management and getting everything looking so sexy it's because I want to take it apart and do it all over again on the new setup so that is why I kind of left us just like this it is a complete disaster please do not come subscribe and then of course I'm building myself a new PC as well and I got some pretty dope ass wall art that's going to go on top of my monitor now here's the thing and this is a decision I went with so here's my closet I got foams and I apologize to the other focus on the camera recording with EZ g7 so I'm going to order over to six bones as you guys can see I don't want to mess up the wall because I have seen what it did to my previous wall in my apartment so instead here's what I'm using right now for my voiceovers I'm using these acoustic panels so basically it's two giant standing panels that I put in front of my chair and then a microphone will go in between it kind of sandwich in you like this so that way there isn't a lot of reverb and a lot of echo that's being bounced around but it's doing a really good job and I'm happy with this instead of tasting those damn acoustic poems on the wall messing that up so I'm definitely happy with this route for now it's temporary and of course on the other side of the closet is my main wig setup there is my other stat mini that I use to shoot all the videos and I kind of like a little troll over here somewhat organized got my audio interface that I used to record my audio kind of nice to open up boxes and stuff like that pens USB and all that jazz but and then up here is stuff that I've organized and stuff that I constantly used every single day the things got a package early in the morning that's going to open that up real quick see what's inside come on we'll get some breakfast and then we're gonna get to work guys gonna get to work and set some things up today yes so Gorillapod is going to make vlogging so much easier firstly we have in here alright power strips for my loft area I ordered a few these for the recording that and the last box in here open this up real quick I think I know what this one is reading this is the bridge to hook up all these hue lights let's check it out that so yeah that's the Phillips to bridge that I need to hook up all for his lights and controller using my smartphone unfortunately they sell them separately but needs to be five anyways I'm gonna leave that there for now let's take this to where it belongs so upstairs to the loft area so quick little mini tour for you guys the kitchen is down there you go up the stairs and the first thing you see on the left side is the loft which is not completed this is going to be the gaming / entertainment area is going to be a TV stand I might hook up against the wall there that testbed setup is currently temporary let's have a fireball ready but how would I play the sport oh this is my studio so over here is my studio there we go that's where it belongs because currently this place does not have where there it is not having power strip so yeah this is my current setup guys it's pretty solid for vlogging I got the rode mic g7 stock lens and the gorilla pod so I hope it's not too shaky obviously this is the first time I'm vlogging in a long time so I'm going to prove at times I was on so anyways let's go get some food and begin the day so I just realized my mom took my Lexus still have to take my other car she's currently living with me for a few weeks because her house was being built right now and she's going to be moving out in mid-august so I kinda have to deal with that that is the car I'm gonna have to take unfortunately now here's the thing guys I don't mind taking ulema honestly I love driving this thing but it's a it's for a quick task like getting breakfast and some coffee I much prefer the Alexus because I can just get in and drive this car you have to sit it in wait five minutes for the engine to warm up before you can even climb can I get the new ice kisara coconut latte grande please yeah and I would love to get a turkey pesto sandwich please also guys are very excited about an appointment I have I one o'clock today I'm checking out some office spaces in Valencia area which is really close to where I live so I'm hoping I can find the space within a few weeks because that's going to be the hardest part right now I'll bring you guys with me obviously you guys can check it out let me know what you think about the new space I'm looking anywhere between 1,500 to 2,000 square feet because I got to keep in mind I'm hiring two additional people to help me with the channel quick stop getting some gas yeah fun times n be able to look at montage or something while I'm just standing here not that a little less than 50 bucks for a full tank so almost the whole thing I just finally got to the office place this took me about 25 minutes to drive there honestly looking for something a little closer but if the space is right and the price is right I'm gonna have to make that exception but I'll show you guys what it looks like and you guys will be the judge too yes four people will definitely fit in here but I was looking I was expecting more bigger space to connect at least average yeah so Tehran six hundred square feet with all of them combined and there's the exact same room on the opposite side so around 600 square feet there so per room hey guys this is editing ed so I guess I forgot to turn the microphone on and I'm just talking to myself over here so basically they gave me a quote $3,600 for two rooms totaling 600 square feet yeah that's overpriced especially for the location and the size and yeah I'm not going to do it I'm going to find something that's closer with a lot more space for $3,000 I can definitely get something closer to 1500 even 2,000 square feet here in Santa Clarita but yeah the search continues so yeah guys the back of the headquarters I'm still waiting on a few packages there's a few things I still need to do in my office and that is to hang my painting and also also my gold play button and silver play button I think I might hook them up on these walls over here and also in the loft I start to do big white the PC bills for July which I think it's going to get pushed for August so as you can see most of the parts are here the GPU the case you're still in wrapping the CPU fan stuff and then here the rest of the stuff over here laying on the ground the amusing that's missing are the RAM sticks and then once I get that I can finally put everything together I guess in the meantime I can start setting up those Phillips LED bulbs for this desk this is the best time to be using to record my videos temporarily again guys will be redoing this entire room so don't judge anything in here so this just Canon LG said under new ultra wide gaming monitor for me to review so it's going to open it up real quick this is the 34 you see 89 G 34 inch ultra wide curved gaming monitor and these are the specs over here it's gone hundred forty-four hours for first rate the G sink panel with an IPS display this thing is beast oh yeah guys let's putting my traps up the vlog I'll try and keep it as short as possible maybe four to five minutes I don't know how long this one's going to be if you guys prefer longer vlogs let me know in the comments section otherwise I'll try not to drag them on for too long there's nothing really exciting going on today I'm still waiting for stuff to arrive I'm still waiting for the Sun to set so I can record a video but very boring stuff there's good there's nothing to be a lot of cool stuff happening throughout this week I'll make sure to blog that process but anyways thing guys so much for watching if you enjoy the vlogs people like if you guys don't feel free to dislike as well that's cool and I'll see you guys in the next video
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