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GhosTek QI Wireless Charger Car Dock (4K)

what's up guys it's Bob from tech source and today we are going to look at the wireless charging dock from ghost tech the holidays are around the corner and I think this will make a great gift for someone who has an Android phone and a car it also costs under 50 bucks which won't dent your wallet so the dock comes in one color and it charges your Android phone wirelessly without having to plug in any cables it also has a reinforced suction mouth different orientations and a high efficiency Qi wireless transmitter built in I'm not really a fan when it comes to charging phones in cars because of the cables I like to keep the inside of my car clean which is why I prefer tiny charging bricks that fit in my wallet but when I heard that there is a mount that charges your phone wirelessly I had to pick it up and give it a try so inside the box you get the USB cable a special mount that allows you to mount it to your dashboard and AC vents a USB car power adapter manuals as well as the phone mount itself so here's the mount something I notice right off the bat is that it does not have any buttons on the side to open the clamps this is the only downside to this product place your phone on it you have to insert one side of the phone first and then use your finger to open the other clamp just enough to slide the phone in now this isn't convenient at all but with some practice on shorter process will become a lot smoother each time so there are a total of three different ways you can mount this charger either on your windshield dashboard or on your ventilation fins so they definitely give you a lot of options so it becomes really convenient and comfortable to reach now you may be wondering how is the galaxy s5 going to charge it's not compatible with wireless charging devices well for some smart phones that don't come out of the box ready to charge wirelessly you can purchase these adapters from ghost tech as well and install them to the back of your smartphone to enable wireless charging it's really simple to install just remove the backplate of the galaxy s5 and match the two pins from the adapter with the two pins on the phone and press down firmly it's super thin and won't interfere with the backplate at all when putting it back on now this isn't the most effective way of charging your phone is plugging it in directly into the USB converter in your car will probably be more efficient but this isn't far behind that method and it is a lot more convenient the only thing you need to connect is the actual charging mouth into your auxiliary port in your car which is a lot better than connecting it to your phone every time you need to charge it alright so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it I will leave links in the description if you're interested in checking this item out and let me know what you guys think about this product in the comment section down below this is Bob from Texas and I'll see you next time
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